If you're like me, then you love summertime and lake days. I live right on Higgins Lake, one of the most famous lakes in Michigan. My friends and I are always at the beach before work and have the best time tanning and swimming. Here are some ideas to make lakes days even better.

1. Old Fashioned Picnic

2. Rent Jet Skis

3. Have a water balloon fight

4. Tye dye T-shirts and Towels

5. Throw around a frisbee or volleyball

6. Go Tubing

7. Have a water gun fight

8. Go snorkeling 

9. Make sunscreen tattoos

10. Braid wet hair

11. Bring fruit and veggies 

12. Float in tubes

13. Build sandcastles

14. Build a bonfire

15. Take cute pictures with your bff's

16. Take your dogs swimming 

17. Rent kayaks

18. Go fishing 

19. Get ice cream

​A fan favorite among my friends 🍦

Whether you're up for an active day at the lake or a chill, cozy one, these ideas are sure to enhance your experience. The beach is my favorite thing in this world and sending time with friends makes it even better. Make memories and have fun this summer :)