A Weekend Below The Surface

A Weekend Below The Surface

It was a perfect weekend with long days and short nights for turning friends into best friends, discovering your true self, growing in faith, enjoying good music, dancing the nights away, and making unforgettable memories.


I just had one of the best weekends with some of the best people out there, and I loved every second about it. We took a little weekend off the grid at Lake Champion, a Young Life camp in New York. It was a perfect weekend with long days and short nights for turning friends into best friends, discovering your true self, growing in faith, enjoying good music, dancing the nights away, and making unforgettable memories.

Only a little over three-hour car ride from Penn State campus, we started our drive on Friday afternoon. We stopped at Wendy's for dinner, where I was disappointed to discover that not everyone gets the 4 for $4 with a Frosty instead of a drink, but I didn't hold it against anybody. The rest of the car ride flew by as we spent most of it jamming to old-time Taylor Swift and other classics from our childhood. Thankfully, the rest of the weekend was filled with plenty of opportunities to scream some really good songs at the top of our lungs. At each meal, we sat around a small circle table with light music playing in the background. We enjoyed each other's presence and some delicious homemade meals, needless to say, better than the dining halls on campus. But at least one song per meal, everyone would stop eating and all 500 plus college students in the dining hall singing loud and proud. We sang along with a duo band called "Sawyer" as they played and sang a variety of songs for us a few times a day. They were super talented girls, to say the least. As if we hadn't had enough, we sang more around the campfire one night.

All this singing that was going on, you know there was dancing too. A dance party happened one night, where my new go-to dance move was displayed. At Lake Champion, I learned the true value of the Macarena because you can do it to literally any song. This is so valuable to me personally because I can't dance, but I can do the Macarena. As much as I don't like dancing, I think I have to say one of my favorite parts of camp was square dancing. I had never done it before, and I think my experience showed, but no doubt I still had a good time. It was a fun way to unwind and learn something new with a lot of awesome people, and that combination made for a fun night.

Singing and dancing was awesome, but our speaker was better than awesome. He was an emotional guy and easy to listen to. He shared an incredible message each time he spoke to us. He would read a story from the Bible and then would share a powerful message that related to us as college students. My personal favorite was his message about how often of our lives are lived on the surface, sometimes without even knowing our desire to live below the surface. He encouraged us to start to look below the surface and go a little deeper. This hit me pretty hard because I feel like I do live that way, and it encouraged me to go out of my comfort zone a little bit.

A few dance parties, a lot of Taylor Swift songs, one 30 oz carton of Goldfish, four amazing messages, and an infinite number of memories later, I am officially thankful that I got to spend 39 hours with so many amazing people at Lake Champion. Needless to say, we loved this weekend for us.

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4 Breakfast Spots Near The University of Kentucky That Will Actually Get You Out Of Bed In The Morning

These places will satisfy all of your breakfast cravings.


If you're a breakfast foodie like I am, you know that is an absolute priority to find the most popular breakfast spots despite the city you may be in. You don't want to visit the touristy and basic restaurants that everyone else goes to, but instead, you are determined to uncover the locations that are the best of the best. Most foodies will go to great lengths to discover these places. As a University of Kentucky student and major foodie, I have searched all over Lexington to find my favorite places to visit on Saturday and Sunday mornings. This took my entire first semester and many trips to the ATM, but today, I am now blessed to say that I am a regular at all 4 of these incredible breakfast spots.

1. The Great Bagel

The Great Bagel is one of my all-time favorite restaurants to visit on Sunday mornings. The restaurant offers a variety of bagel sandwiches and freshly squeezed orange juice, and it makes for the perfect early morning start to a day filled with homework or relaxation.

2. Chocolate Holler

Though not a true restaurant, Chocolate Holler is one of the most popular coffee shops near the University of Kentucky. Because it is only a 3-minute drive from campus, Chocolate Holler is always buzzing with UK students who come to socialize or study. The coffee shop is most well known for its chocolaty drinks and the music is great there, too!

3. Stir Krazy

Stir Krazy is a local smoothie bar down the street that serves protein shakes, smoothies, and tea. Though It only consists of these three beverages, the shakes at Stir Krazy are enough to fill you up for breakfast or lunch. Each shake or smoothies range from 200 to 250 calories and serves as the perfect energizer before a workout or a filling recovery drink after a workout.

4. La Madeleine

La Madeleine is a French breakfast and lunch cafe conveniently located on campus (and only a 30-second walk from my dorm). Their breakfast is served all day long and their croissants are to die for. I highly recommend building your own omelet for the most fulfilling experience. Not to mention, their iced caramel macchiatos are a great refresher on the side.

No matter which city, state, or country I am currently in, I make it my mission to eat as a local would. In Lexington, Kentucky, these four breakfast spots are guaranteed provide you with a plethora of different types of food to get you through even the worst cases of morning hunger. Though these places are my current favorites, I am now looking forward to containing the search for more breakfast restaurants, cafes, and juice bars throughout my next four years in this city.

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