Bradley Cooper's new 2018 movie "A Star Is Born" hit the ground running back in October, and the wait was totally worth it. The movie starred both Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga and the fans loved it. Of course, in the movie, they were supposed to be in love but everyone could see the real chemistry between them, the kind of chemistry that you can't act.

After the movie was released, Lady Gaga showed a ton of gratitude towards Bradley Cooper. She did nothing but thank him for giving her this opportunity and calling him a "true friend." Gaga never misses a chance to mention Cooper and all his successes, even bringing up how he got ripped for not being nominated for "Best Director" at the Oscars.

Now, we all saw the chemistry between the two from the very beginning but it didn't become a huge topic until they sang "Shallow" together on stage at the Oscars.

During this performance Gaga and Cooper showed a real connection, longing into each other's eyes and smiling. The big kicker, however, was when it seemed like Gaga was going to go in or a kiss. And trust me, we all saw it. My jaw even dropped in that one millisecond.

Now, this topic of discussion is everywhere, and everyone is talking about it. There are thousands of memes and tweets recapping the moment and it has even become a trending topic. Even celebrities at the Oscars have said they felt uncomfortable watching the two on stage. Mainly because Cooper's wife, Irina Shayk, was sitting in a front row seat. Irina was even sitting between the two during the entire broadcast. Coincidence? Nobody is sure.

Of course, Cooper is taken and even has a child with Shayk but that hasn't stopped anyone before. I wouldn't be upset if Cooper left Shayk for Gaga, it would definitely be another trending topic that's for sure.

But the chemistry between Cooper and Gaga is not something to take lightly. It is so evidently obvious and anyone who feels that should follow it.

We all love the new movie "A Star Is Born", along with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, but the only thing that would make it so much better is if they just followed their hearts and were together. Gaga is due for some real love in her life anyways.

Team Cooper and Gaga over here.