Lady Gaga is the talk of the town now that "A Star Is Born" has been released, with good reason! Many people forget to look past her talent and beauty though, so here's the reasons I have compiled over the last ten years on why she deserves everything good in this world.

1. We gotta mention it... Her unbelievable talent.


We all knew Gaga as the weird woman in the meat dress that sings that "Poker Face" song back in 2008, but now that she has risen to the occasion in American Horror Story and now EXCEEDED our expectations in A "Star Is Born." She really can do anything.

2. She is completely unapologetic and not afraid to be her authentic self.


I know at one time everyone thought Gaga was weird for her crazy outfits and strange performances but we must admit... We still watched. Its quite admirable that she does whatever she wants artistically and it doesn't matter what people say. Even now when she has toned down her looks, she still is genuine and real.

3. She's so passionate about her art.


If you ever watch one of her interviews, you can tell how excited she gets when talking about her work and how much time and energy she puts into everything she does. She truly loves what she does and wants to keep creating.

4. She uses her platform to make a difference. 


Lady Gaga is associated with 21 different charities and speaks out regularly on the issues of mental health and women's rights. She has spoken about how blessed she is to have a platform that she can use to be heard.

5. She shares her personal experience to help others.

She has talked openly about being sexually assaulted by someone in the music industry and how it has effected her mind and body. That is something you can't ask anyone to do but she has, all for the purpose of getting a message out and supporting other women and men that have been sexually assaulted themselves.

6. She does good for the sole purpose of doing good, not for attention.


If you listen to her talk about the charity work she does and the issues she cares about, you can tell she truly does care and isn't just trying to make herself look good. She is one of the most genuine celebrities I have ever seen.

7. Also have to mention "A Star Is Born" because c'mon...

Have you seen this movie? It is the most beautiful film I have ever witnessed... in theaters... three times... and I am not sorry.

8. She is so sophisticated and elegant.


She brings this kind of sophistication to everything she does. She holds herself in a way that makes us see she is proud to be who she is and she's letting the world know.

9. Its been 12 years since she first arrived on the music scene and we're still wondering what she's going to do next.


The Super Bowl, American Horror Story, new music, movies... she has not slowed down and leaves us waiting for her next big career move. I'm invested.

10. She is truly just a beautiful human.


Even if you don't like her music, there's no denying that she is just an all around beautiful person that should be loved and protected forever. She is a treasure that we can all be inspired by, one way or another.