Instead Of Falling Apart Over Him, Treat Yourself To These Five Things Like The QUEEN You Are

Instead Of Falling Apart Over Him, Treat Yourself To These Five Things Like The QUEEN You Are

Falling apart is always an option, but sometimes we don't have the time to fall apart.


Boys can be brutal and it sucks to take the brunt of it all. When it all hits the fan, it's okay to want to fall apart. Trust me, I want to as I type this. One minute things are going so well, and the next thing you know he blocks you and doesn't tell you why. Sickening, considering we dated for MONTHS!!! So instead of crying tear stains into your pillow, here are some other ideas for you.

1. Go to the shelter and pet some pups


Who knows, maybe you'll find your perfect good boy while you're there and it'll make all of the pain go away. I know when someone important to me walked out, I knew I had Charlie and Stella to love on. Animals are magical in that sense. They can tell just when you need them and what you need at that time!

2. Go grab a beer with the girls


Nothing is better than going out on a Monday and having a beer with your girls. They're always going to support you and your drinking they're a great shoulder to cry on when you've gone through a break up. Drinks heal wounds, it's a proven fact because that was the medicine of choice back in the day. Heal them hearts girls.

3. Take a mental health day


It is okay to not be okay. Trust me, I'm a mess. Take a day off! It'll be worth every minute. I have used a majority of my sick days on mental health days. Cook your favorite meal, go to the dog park, go to the movies, go eat some damn ice cream, and binge some Grey's Anatomy while you're at it. Have a great day to yourself! It can be life changing.



Go buy that hot outfit you have ALWAYS wanted to wear downtown! It will be totally worth it when you see how smokin' you look in it! It's okay to spend money on yourself! Don't feel selfish about it. Money was made to be spent on more than bills and essentials. You were made to do more than pay bills and go to school! WORK IT GIRL!

5. Get your nails done


Getting your nails done feels like the best thing this world has to offer at that time. It's just a simple thing that can change a girls view of the world. Want cute palm tree toes for summer? Cute fall pumpkins for Halloween? You can have it all, girl. Plus most places can offer you a discount if you get both your feet and hands done at the same time. My poor nail lady knows my life story; I can tell her ANYTHING and I know she'll listen to me rant while allowing me to enjoy Fixer Upper on the television.

All in all, taking the time to cope from someone important walking our of your life is so needed. It's not something everyone can get over in a day, a week, or even a month. When you love someone; it's heartbreaking to watch them leave, let alone leave you, block you, and give you zero warning or reason. Hearts break, but there are so many exciting and fun things to do to heal.

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15 Texts We'd Get From Dogs If They Had Thumbs

"If you're reading this, send Milk Bones."

Let's be real, anyone who has a dog knows that it if we could, we would text our dogs all day long. If they could text us, our thread would look something like...

1. "Are you coming home soon?! Let's go out!"

2. "So not to be weird... but you never ended up answering me last night... Am I the good boy? Idk I just want to be clear on our relationship I don't want to be lead on if I'm not."

3. "The cat is being such a bit** I literally can't stand her"

4. "Hey, just wondering, are you going to wear those black booties tonight? If you are, I'll chew the zipper out of the brown ones instead."

5. "Okay, so don't freak out, but something not so chill happened on the rug..."

6. "Are there any leftovers in the trash? I'm not gonna get into it, I was just curious. Love u."

7. "If you're reading this... bring Milk Bones."

8. "Hey, what's for dinner tonight?! Purina again?"

9. "Miss you!!"

10. "Are you gonna eat that food on the counter or is that for everyone? Asking for the cat."

11. "I LOVE YOU"

12. "OMG, I can't wait for you to come home on break! Can you sleep in the guest room tho? Mom said I could have your room when you moved out. Love u!"

13. "Ice cream date later?!"

14. "We should go for a walk I need to get my ass back in shape for summer. You should be my workout buddy!"

15. "Netflix and chill tonight?"

Cover Image Credit: Salon

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The Ultimate Holiday Gift List For Men In Their 20's

For the people who are completely clueless of what to get their man for the upcoming holiday season


The holiday season is all fun and games until you can't figure out a gift to get your significant other. There truly is no worse feeling than not knowing what will make your man happy, especially when you know him so well. Yeah, he'll say you can get him anything you want and he will like whatever you buy, but it has to be the PERFECT gift... and sometimes the mall and Amazon just can't help us out when we need it to.

Buying gifts for the men in our lives can sometimes be extremely easy, but other times, completely stressful. It seems like there are just not enough cool, unique and useful products in the world to purchase for our favorite guy.

When you are tired of searching through every store in the mall trying to find the perfect gift, turn to this list of perfect gifts to get your man for the holidays!

1. ​​​​​SPORTS: Jersey of favorite athlete


NFL jerseys are always a great gift idea for any boy who is a fanatic about sports! They may be a bit pricey, but at least you know it is something they will consistently use!

Find on Fanatics for about $60-150

2. SPORTS: Tickets to favorite teams game in your area


What better gift than one you and your boo can do together? Tickets are always a great gift regardless of when the event is because it is something you can look forward to together

Find on Ticketmaster - prices vary greatly depending on the number of tickets purchased, can typically range from $100-200 for 2 tickets

3. Nike or Adidas apparel

Nike. Just Do It.

Two amazing brands with equally amazing products! You truly can't go wrong with either company.

See Nike or Adidas for clothing apparel, sneakers, and sports related accessories, prices may vary.

4. Cologne


Ladies and gentleman, you have the power to control the scent of your man... might as well purchase something you both will enjoy!

Find on Macy's website for various scents and brands ranging anywhere from $25-100

5. Matching necklace or bracelets


For long-distance couples, or any couple in general who wants to purchase something sweet and simple like matching bracelets. This is a great reminder to your significant other that if you both always wear your matching bracelet, that you will always be there for one another.

Find on Etsy for $15-30

6. Customized wallet card


A thoughtful and constant reminder of how much you love and appreciate him that he can always keep on him in his wallet!

Find on Etsy for $15-30

7. MUSIC: Customized guitar pick


For any boy who loves to play guitar, this is a perfect gift to continue their passion for music! Not only will they be able to create and play more songs on the guitar, but they also have you to thank for such a special gift allows that them to do so. And, it can also be easily be customized!

Find on Etsy for $15-30

8. MUSIC: Vinyl/CD of favorite band or artist

Barnes & Noble

What better way to listen to music at home or in the car instead of streaming it off your phone than purchasing a vinyl or CD version? This is an authentic gift that anybody will appreciate if it is of their favorite band or artist!

Find on Barnes & Noble for $15-50 (depending on CD or Vinyl purchased)

9. MUSIC: Tickets to see favorite band/artist in concert in an area near you


Concert tickets are the perfect way to spend the night out experiencing a concert together while listening to his favorite type of music!

Find on Ticketmaster - prices vary greatly depending on the number of tickets purchased, can typically range from $100-200 for 2 tickets

10. Customized shot glass


This customized shot glass is a perfect gift for any boy who likes to drink and would appreciate a classy, personalized glass!

Find on Etsy from $15-45

11. GAMER: New video games 


For boys who are extremely interested in video games, you could never go wrong with purchasing a new game to add to their collection! Do a little research on what kind of games they are typically interested in, and head to your nearest video game shop to purchase a new game- make sure you buy the correct game for the correct game console!

Find on Amazon for $50-60

12. Charging docking station 


This wooden, engraved docking station is a great gift for any boy who consistently loses his belongings... this way, he can keep his phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses and any other accessory all in one spot!

Find on Etsy for $25-45

13. His & Her matching wine glasses​


For couples who love a good glass of wine, these matching wine glasses are a perfect gift to give and use after cracking open a bottle of wine! They are elegant, inexpensive, and can be put to good use during dinner or a night of relaxation!

Find on Etsy for $15-30

14. Heated blanket


Now that December is quickly approaching, so is the cold weather. What perfect gift to get your boyfriend than a cozy heated blanket so you both can stay warm and get extra cuddly?

Find on Amazon for $15-40

15. Scrapbook 


If you are more interested in making a gift from the heart rather than something materialistic, crafting a scrapbook will do the job! This 80-page photo album is perfect for inserting your cutest couple photos and would make a very special and heartwarming gift this holiday season!

Find on Amazon for $20

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