I Appreciate Ever Piece Of Criticism And Advice That I Learned From My Older Sister By The Age Of 20
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I Appreciate Ever Piece Of Criticism And Advice That I Learned From My Older Sister By The Age Of 20

Thanks for doing life before me and finding the right paths for me.

I Appreciate Ever Piece Of Criticism And Advice That I Learned From My Older Sister By The Age Of 20
Sierra Gardner

Growing up with an older sister is both a blessing and a curse. (I mean the curse part very lightly sis) It’s always easier, in my opinion, to be the younger sister because the older sister has gone through everything you will have to first. Like getting in a relationship, getting her period, driving the car, getting a curfew, and all well having to abide by parents rules and set a good example for the younger siblings.

As the older sister I understand you want nothing but the best for your younger sister and while at times I felt like you were my second mom or even scolded me more than mom actually did, I still appreciate every single bit of advice and criticism you have ever given me.

Dear older sister,

You're about to read a long rant about everything that I can think of that you have ever taught me. Try not to get bored or laugh or cry, alright go.

I learned that going off on your own is scary.

Excuse me for my cussing to my family that is reading, but you always had your shit together. Man, that was annoying having to fill your shoes in high school. It was always “oh aren’t you her little sister?” Once I was finally going to a college that you had not even come close to touching I was excited to be my own self and carry my name without yours attached to it, but this ended up not being the case.

I was a small fish in a big sea of people and I missed the familiarity of you once being there. I got lost walking to class on my first day and thought “how in the world do people do this whole college thing” to be more specific “how in the world does my sister do this and keep her shit together?” Once I got homework I envied that we were in different majors and that I couldn't just call you and ask if you knew what you were doing because I didn't.

When I had to run to the store to run errands I had to be an adult and find things on my own, it was weird not being in the passenger seat or not having you next to me in the car on the aux. I realized I had to go out into the real world without you next to me (or ahead of me) I had to try to follow your footsteps without actually seeing your footsteps right there in front of me.

I learned that I am young and need to be on my own for as long as I can.

This one took me a while to figure out. I’m sorry I didn’t read any of your obvious flashing hazardous signs telling me to get out of all of my terrible relationships I held on to for so long. The truth is, I knew you didn’t like a lot of the guys I would date and I really did value your opinion and that’s why I tried so hard to prove you wrong thinking “I can change this one” and “you two will be best friends before you know it” yeah that never happened and it’s because I am finally, finally done fighting and letting you have this one.

I really do appreciate you letting me figure it out in my own timespan because if I heard any guy was treating you the way I was being treate, I would kill them before you had a chance to breakup with them (I’m pretty sure you may have tried to schedule that with my exes but you’re so undercover so I’m not positive) But through the bad realtionships and even the good ones you were always there to tell me I am more than enough on my own and a strong young woman that should embrace my independence.

No one has been able to change who I thought I was, which is a girl who loves to be in a relationship, until now. You have taught me the beauty of being young and independent, thank you.

I learned not to let anyone tell me I can't, including myself.

Well everyone but you. You are always there to tell me "You can't post that picture on Instagram I'm posting it." or "You can't wear that top with those pants they clash with my outfit." Other than the silly little things you were always the one telling me how much I really could do.

You not only told me but proved to me that 'the world is your oyster' and you can go off and do whatever you feel like doing. Because of this, I am not afraid to go to unfamiliar places, and I'm ready to explore and travel the world even if it seems like an unrealistic dream.

You inspired me to not be so afraid to speak up for what I think is right because I have a voice and it should be heard. (Maybe you shouldn't have helped me with this one because my big mouth is partially because of you, and from time to time does work in my favor in arguments we have.)

You have taught me that I am my biggest enemy and I needed someone to tell me this so that I can work with myself and be the best version of myself that I can be.

I learned the meaning of a true hard worker

Even though I was jealous of you my whole life for being the smarter one and getting straight A's always, I am happy for you. You managed to handle your entire life of school in multiple sports at the same time and numerous school organizations and you still had it all together.

You had a great social life, literally, everyone that meets you loves you, and you are such a genuine person. You deserve nothing but good Karma, and you do. You showed me how to handle being in multiple organizations at the same time and how to put your all into everything you do. Are you sure you don't have superpowers?

I learned to like things I didn't always because you love them.

So I'm the girly girl and you're the tomboy- total opposites but we make the best pair. Let me tell you from the most uncoordinated girl around, I do not like sports. I can't play them, I can't follow them, I can't watch them without getting bored, but I will always have a soft spot for softball. I came out of the womb when you were playing T-ball and never stopped watching you play since.

You would make me play catch with you the second I had working limbs. I would always drop the ball but you still asked me to play every night because you loved it and wanted to get better (and god knows you wanted me to get better too.) When I got to the age I could play on an actual softball team you practiced and practiced with me because you wanted to share the love you have for the sport with me.

I prayed I would make the team every night because I didn't want to disappoint you, even though I knew I sucked and would never be as good as you (shocker you're good at something?) You didn't give up on me so I knew I could never give up on you, even though I had to give up on softball, that was just your thing. But I couldn't give it up completely. I spent just about every weekend every summer since I was 10 sitting in the hot sun just watching you play, sometimes thinking "God when will this game end please let it end."

Some games were miserable to watch, some I brought my Nintendo DS to because I couldn't handle watching any more softball but at the end of the day learned to love softball, not as much as you do, but I love watching you play more than anything.

I learned that when all else fails your sister will always be there for you

Ew, what a gross cliche but I had to end on a sappy note. I’ve been through break ups and mass destruction ending of friendships, failing classes and crying into your arms just asking “when does adulting get easier” and you were always there. You were the friend that I knew I could always go to with absolutely no judgment.

It got weird when you became a teenager and I was still just a tween and you told me about your first boyfriend and told me not to tell mom and dad. (how could you make a 10-year-old keep that kind of secret) But once our boy talk began and there was talk much deeper than "I have a boyfriend" in 6th grade, there was no turning back.I know I can talk to you about anything and everything and we could go on into a conversation for hours.

I don't think anyone knows the bond two sisters close in age have. You saved my ass so many times keeping my secrets from mom and dad (sorry parents I know you're probably reading) You stood up to my bullies with me and let me handle my own battles when I needed to, you taught me how to be me and accepted every aspect of me.

There's no way to say thank you for everything you have taught me but this was my really sappy attempt. Thanks for doing life before me and finding the right paths for me. I love you sister. Keep teaching me.


Your stupid younger sister

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