A Musical Review Of Knavery's 'Did Ya Finish Your Noodles, Bud?'

Knavery is an alternative punk rock band from Dayton, Ohio made up of: vocalist Gracie Hawson, lead guitarist Austin Labig, rhythm guitarist Alex Dahle, drummer Sean McGrath, and bassist Ben Grogg.

It’s been a while since I have heard a female vocalist from a local band, so this was very refreshing and a good change of pace. Gracie Hawson definitely shows power in her voice similar to Hayley Williams, especially in Kanvery’s song, “The Back Burner.”

Their EP, "Did You Finish Your Noodles, Bud?" includes many energetic songs like “The Back Burner” and “Karma” where the drums are fast and driving. Experiencing their live performances would be the best feeling with a crowd full of other music lovers. It also has lyrics like “please don’t remember me at my worst” which speak volumes for all listeners to relate to.

Picture a group of friends together on the perfect summer day. Drink in hand, lots of laughter and smiles, and you have “Dussy.” It provides an upbeat sound paired with lyrics like “we’re never gonna let this get us down” that instantly bring up your mood. This song is similar to songs by Detroit based band, Far From Fiction. Everything about the chorus is energetic and fun.

The intro of “You Should See the Other Guy” gives the song a bit of an edge and is definitely an attention getter since most songs tend to start right out with music. This is a song that will get stuck in your head, it’ll come back on days when you don’t expect it and the only cure is to listen to it. For fans of Baltimore based band, Young Poet.

“Pride” is a slower song compared to many of Knavery’s other songs; however, it gives the perfect balance with its guitar riffs and meaningful lyrics to match. This is a heartbreak ballad-type song that is just the right song to belt out in the car to sing out sad feelings.

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