Summer is always the time to relax. Go to the beach. Go on some vacations.

I always find the beach such a relaxing place. I often found myself there by alone a few times this summer. I didn't even mind it. I was able to lay and relax and forget about real life for a little bit. The crashing of the waves with the wind blowing in your face is so peaceful.

Vacations are a time to get away. To leave home, to go away with friends or family and just get away. Leave all your responsibilities for a little bit.

All of this is in preparation for when school comes back. Because once school starts, everyone tends to stress out. All the assignments come flooding in. It is important to remember to take some time to relax. Give yourself some alone time. Take a nap or go on a hike or go sit by the lake or go to the beach. Sometimes you need a mental health day so it's important to remember that even though it's not summer.

I will miss the beach days, waking up early to beat the parking rush and spending all day tanning and getting a Playa Bowl and going in the water to cool off. It is so nice only living 30 minutes away from the beach. I don't know how people don't live near the beach. I can just wake up in the morning and randomly decide to go the beach and other people don't have that option.

Whenever I get stressed during the school year, I remember the beach. My happy place. The place where all of a sudden everything you were stressing about goes away. I will remember how relaxed I felt. And I will be back to the beach as soon as I can because that warm weather gives me life. I definitely have seasonal depression. I can't wait to move somewhere warm and no snow.

But as senior year begins I will remember to take time to relax. It is okay to give yourself some time to get back to feeling like yourself when assignments come flooding in. Go somewhere that will relax you and give you peace. That might be getting your nails done, or going on a hike, doing some retail therapy or laying in bed binge-watching a new show. Whatever it may be, remember it is okay to take time for yourself. Just because summer is over doesn't mean it is okay to stress yourself out all the time.

Good luck with school, remember your GPA doesn't define you. It is okay to take a deep breath and relax and summer 2019 is right around the corner.