Kingsman: The Golden Circle Expectations

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Expectations

After a fun, R-rated first film, the newly-announced sequel's first trailer is here - and Colin Firth is back from the dead.


*Some spoilers for the first movie ahead*

Kingsman: The Secret Service was an unexpected treat that hit theaters back in 2014. The story of a gifted young rebel in London named Eggsy (Taron Egerton) who is recruited by Harry (Colin Firth), who is an old friend of his dead father. Eggsy discovered that Harry is part of the Kingsmen, a group of highly skilled agents who are contemporary knights who protect the world from evil. Eggsy and other skilled young recruits train to become the next Kingsman, while an evil billionaire entrepreneur named Richmond Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) plots a way to "cleanse the world." With the world at risk, the Kingsmen must spring into action to save the world.

If you have not seen the movie yet, it is absolutely worth the watch. With incredible wit, solid performances from the impeccable Colin Firth and Mark Strong as well as the younger cast, and gripping action sequences, it is a fun, unique film. Kingsman was originally a comic series, and the movie reflects that with its fast-paced fighting and colorful characters.

This past week, 20th Century Fox announced the first trailer for the sequel to Kingsman, called Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Watch the trailer below.

Let's first point out some significant things from the trailer. Colin Firth's character provides the voice over during the trailer, and he also makes an appearance at the end of the trailer to the surprise of the fans, Eggsy and Merlin alike. This is pleasing for everyone after (SPOILER ALERT) Harry was supposedly killed by Valentine in the first film by being shot in the head. But he's back, and that's a great thing, because who doesn't love the badass secret agent version of Colin Firth?

There's also some all new tech that can be seen in the trailer, such as a car that can be driven underwater, various spy gear, a guy with a bionic arm of some sort, and more. One of the brilliant things about Kingsman is the classic secret agent vibe that it brings, filled with classy suits, crazy tech, and a charm that echoes James Bond but with a Rated-R tone.

There is also a host of new actors appearing in the new film. We see snippets of Julianne Moore, Jeff Bridges, Halle Berry, and Channing Tatum - all new to the series, and joining the returning stars, Taron Egerton, Mark Strong, and Sophie Cookson (who plays Roxy, the female agent who joined Kingsman with Eggsy). It's unclear what role these new stars will be playing, but the cast is star-studded and should lead to a great collective performance.

One other thing the trailer shows is a great amount of danger being posed to the Kingsman. One shot shows the Kingsman mansion being blown to bits by missiles, and Eggsy is seen standing in front of the rubble of some building in the city. Who is causing this destruction, we will have to wait and see.

Now, I would like to propose some things that I want to see in the upcoming sequel:

1. Eggsy and Roxy get together.

Eggsy ended the last film hooking up with the Scandinavian Princess Tilde. But throughout their Kingsman training, Eggsy and Roxy were close and stood up for each other. Sparks could definitely fly between the two in the new movie, even though the trailer showed a shot of another girl who may stand in the way of that.

2. Merlin gets into more action.

He held a much more reserved role in the first film, helping Eggsy from afar. He is a Kingsman agent, and it would be interesting to see him working in the field more.

3. Colin Firth does more badass Colin Firth things.

One of the most incredibly violent but enrapturing scenes of the first movie was when Harry takes on the entire hate church in a fit of Valentine-chip-induced rage. Seriously, watch it here, but be warned for violence. Hopefully, there's more of Harry doing this.

4. More of the wonderful humor and fight choreography that made the first movie great.

The movie speaks for itself here.

5. Where is Eggsy's family now and will they stay safe?

A big threat in the first film was to Eggsy's mother and baby sister who were subject to the abusive man his mum dated, as well as Valentine's chip later in the movie. It would be good to see where they live now (Eggsy did say she could come live at Harry's old place with him) but also to see if they stay safe throughout the film. My guess would be probably not.


Dogs make everything better.

What would you like to see in the new film?

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