Kindness is strong and pure

Kindness is sometimes vulnerable

But not weak

Because kindness has a clear vision,

And notices everything

But still shows love

Because it knows what’s right

And does such gracefully.

I wrote this poem to explain why kindness is not weakness. Many people perceive it to be so because when you are kind, graceful, and full of peace, it is used to other people’s advantage or be seen as weak. However, I can say this. The opportunists, abusers, and users are oblivious to doing good, and will be the first to run or even stand by when the world is falling apart. If you’re still reading, who seems like the weak one?

Even though it may seem like people are always walking all over you, do not despair. What we learn makes us stronger, and more able to adapt to things. A strong person does not come out like a giant, or with many weapons at once, but with experience and with a plan on how to do something. You’re more likely to survive than that person who originally thought “You’re too easy.”

The last thing I have to say is, never stop being the kind person you are. Never stop being the genuine person you are, because a person out there needs you dearly. That person who needs you, will not use you, but will learn from you, and will help you to make the world, a much better place to live in.

This, I could say is hard to do because too many people have been destroyed due to the life they’ve been exposed to—pain and abuse (of any type) because of their kindness and authentic souls. But we must remember, that hate will never solve a thing, and that kindness goes a long way.

So, continue to be kind, genuine, and authentic.