Kim K In Paris: What Really Happened?

It's all over the news lately, and maybe you live under a rock if you haven't heard, but Kim Kardashian was recently robbed in her Paris apartment. Where thieves took off with over $11 million dollars worth of jewelry.

The event is very serious as she was held at gunpoint, but the conspiracy theories that some have attached to the event have me rolling on the floor.

The first is that it was insurance fraud. I mean Kanye West, Kardashian's husband, was asking tons of people for money over Twitter earlier this year to further his music. And I'm sure over $10 million dollars of jewelry was insured. If this was the case hats off to them, kinda smart way to get some money. But West has been canceling tour dates since the incidents and even possibly making a few fans upset. A voice can be heard in footage from when West canceled the show as he found out about the incident where a fan yells "there's still 30 minutes left" which was very funny, but who is to say that this isn't in ways helping both West and Kardashian?

The second is it was just for publicity for Keeping Up with the Kardashians (KUWTK). Ehh. I could see this happening, but I mean this has caused filming to halt until further notice. But we know Kris will do pretty much anything for money.

The third is that Donald Trump planned it so that news would stop the focus on him. Nothing, not even a hurricane, will keep Trump scandals off headlines. Good try here but if this was the case it didn't work.

The last and probably funniest of them is that Taylor Swift planned it as revenge. LOL. I mean nothing stops Swift, but that's a little much. I don't see her having someone held at gunpoint for it though.

But there's A LOT of speculation about the whole event. For starters, the concierge who was also held at gunpoint led the thieves to Kardashian's room. But according to Kardashian, "he was too calm." Which does sound concerning for a person held at gunpoint. Although the concierge has released a statement claiming he won't ever forget the day.

Anyway, hopefully all is well soon because Kanye West is canceling tour dates and Kardashian has been absent from social media since the accident.

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