To The Middle Generation Of Kids Who Aren't Really Millennials Or GenZ

To The Middle Generation Of Kids Who Aren't Really Millennials Or GenZ

Welcome to being the "middle kid."

They say that Millenials fall between 1885 and 1994, or 1880-1999, or is it until 1995? Nobody really knows. And no one really knows when GenZ begins. Welcome to the middle.

If you were born between 1994-1997, you are a buffer of these generations. A blend of the two but could fall in the "either; or" category.

You were born in a time where technology was on the rise, but you still played with Barbies and went to the park - not suctioned to a screen. We knew that there were computers and social media, but we were too young for MySpace but too old for the iPhone to have been invented.

I remember emailing my grandma and getting a response and thinking it was the weirdest thing in the world. My sister, mom, and I sat crowded around our giant box computer and listened to the dialup theme song and AOL's "you've got mail".

Don't even get me started when DVDs came out. Game changer. We knew the struggle of sticking your finger in the VHS spindles to rewind it because our fingers were little at the time. We had both DVD's and tapes. We grew up with renting Goosebumps tapes from the library, but also knew the importance of the $5 DVD bin at Walmart.

We all wanted Motorola Razor cell phones and iPod Nanos. We watched Even Stevens with the older kids and also Hannah Montana with the younger ones. It's arguable that the buffer kids were stuck in a phase that we were too young for one thing but too old for another.

There were no TVs in minivans, so we improvised by bringing a box tv and shoving it in between the seats. We had Gameboy SPs and a Gamecube. We were placed at the beginning of the technology era and have embraced it since. We don't take this for granted, but let's face it we are smarter with technology than older millennials. No, not in the sense that we were 5 years old and learning phonics via iPad, but in a way that we can work on other things with our phones glued to our hands.

If you want, you can call us the millennial generation - waiting to get married, pushing our far left agenda, and swimming in debt. You can also call us GenZ - winning participation awards, glued to our iPhones and Snapchat glasses, and just starting to realize how shitty the older generations have run society thus far.

Generation Z or Millennial doesn't define who I am or my peers. I am proud to be in the middle.

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5 Games To Play In School That They Never Block

You used to play these games in school, and so did everyone you know.

Even though some games were blocked on the school's internet, these games were not (for most people) and we used it to our full advantage. Also, one of the pictures on this article will take you to the actual game itself, it is up to you to find it. Good Luck!

1. Poptropica

This game was always so fun but 99% of the time I would only play on spy island.


This is the source of misbehavior in schools because this game was so aggravating.

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This entire website was never blocked so it was constantly being played on the computer.

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Again, an entire gaming website that was never blocked and had what was honestly some really fun casual games.

5. The Impossible Quiz


If you are kids are in school and looking for some fun during the day, these websites are almost never blocked by the school's wifi. (Just don't get caught). I hope you enjoyed this article and if you did please feel free to follow myself and the Anderson Universtiy page and I will see you all next time, bye!

Cover Image Credit: Rico Tec Solution

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5 Apps To Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

To help you focus on making the most of the year.


It's getting to that point in the year where people are starting to lose steam when it comes to their New Year's Resolutions. If you're like me, you make some pretty big goals, but then fall short on how to achieve them. We are all so connected to our phones, that sometimes the best way to keep track of our goals, is to use our phones. Here's a list of 5 apps that will help keep you on track for your New Year's resolutions.

1. Goodreads.

If one of your resolutions was to read more, then this is the app for you. Goodreads lets you set a reading goal for the year and track your progress. You can make reading lists and track your progress page by page. It also allows you to review books and read other people's reviews.

2. TV Time.

If one of your resolutions was to catch up on all of those shows that people talk about that you've never seen, then try TV Time. Much like Goodreads, it allows you to select what shows you want to watch, log shows you have watched, and track your progress episode by episode. It also lets you look at reviews and interact with other users.

3. Letterboxd.

Letterboxd (@letterboxd) | Twitter

If TV shows aren't your thing, but you vowed to watch more movies, then Letterboxd is more your speed. Browse movies by genre, popularity, release date, and many more. Select the movies you have watched and pick which ones are on your watchlist. You can make lists of movies and browse others altogether and you can also rate and review every movie.

4. Flora.

Flora - Stay Focused Together

If you have made either a resolution to use your phone less or to focus more, try downloading Flora. Flora lets you set a timer 25 minutes up to almost 2 hours. Once you set a timer, a seed is planted on your phone and if you click any buttons, the plant will die. However, if you succeed and don't use your phone within the time you set, a tree will grow and will be added to your digital garden. If you need a little more incentive, you can bet real money that you won't lose. If you do lose, you pay the money and a real tree is planted in a rural community. When signing up with Facebook, you can also see how many trees your friends have planted.

5. One List.

App Of The Day: One List

One of the New Year's resolutions people have is to be more productive. If you're like me, you're most productive when you have a list of the things you have to do. One List is the most simple to do list app I have found. You simply pull down on the screen to add something to the list. You can set a priority for each task and then they are automatically sorted from highest to lowest priority. Then you simply swipe to check a task off the list.

So, unless one of your resolutions was to reduce how much you use your phone or stop using your phone altogether, some of these apps are bound to help you achieve one of your resolutions.

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