Anyone that knows me is well aware that wanderlust is very present in my life, and I am constantly planning where my next adventure will take place. Still, I understand that being a college student limits the budget for travelling, so I have done my fair amount of research on the best options for students to go adventuring abroad.

Here are five kickass ways to travel on a student budget:

1. Couch Surfing.

If you are not interested in spending your money in a fancy hotel room, try couch surfing! It's a very inexpensive way to travel the world and meet new people, consider it a very cheap AirBnB.

2. Education First.

Aside from providing a large array of tours, they also give the choice to create your own trip depending on how much time and money you have available for that trip. They have Language Immersion programs, volunteering opportunities, and even leadership summits. Their website is definitely worth browsing.

3. Go Solo!

One of my favorite about EF is that they have options for the lone traveler. And who doesn't love some backpacking to get a break of college?

4. IES Abroad.

If you are looking to get some college credits while traveling, IES is the best option. They have amazing study abroad programs, not to mention internships, and financial aid.

5. Operation Groundswell.

Doing service abroad is not easy. No one wants to cross the line and accidentally end up doing voluntourism and causing harm to the community they were supposed to serve. The founders of Operation Groundswell avoid this problem by partnering with local NGOs and making sure that all the volunteers will benefit the community. They offer trips to Peru, India, Guatemala, Thailand, Cambodia, and many other places!

This is my personal favorite because they have created the term "backpactivism." They are now accepting applications for the 2017 programs, and they have some financial support. So check them out!