These days (and the last years) you have read about Venezuela on the news. President Trump and Nancy Pelosi talk about this country and even Will in "Will & Grace" showed worry about Venezuela's crisis. The breaking news in January is Venezuela has two presidents and the US government is supporting the new president. I know you ask yourself: Why? How? What?

This article will not give the last update because Venezuela's situation can change in an hour. Each day is crazy and many events can happen. It is more a timeless article. What I want is to give you a little guide about the Venezuela crisis because I've read too many wrong opinions from people who do not know anything about Venezuela and the tragedy they are living.

Just to let you know; I grew up in Venezuela. I've lived the crisis; actually, I've suffered the crisis.

1. Nicolas Maduro is a dictator.

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You can read that Nicolas Maduro is the real president of Venezuela because he won two elections, but it is not true. In Venezuela, the principal electoral institution is surrogated by Maduro. Then, they cheat in any election. They changed numbers, make dead people vote, cause many people to vote many times and more tricks.

Every time Venezuelans have protested against Maduro's government he murdered hundreds of people and sent to jail thousands. In Venezuela, the democracy is a myth, a fairy tale.

2. People are happy with Juan Guaidó.

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I want to explain why they have two presidents. Juan Guaidó is the president of the Congress. Guaidó followed what the Constitution said about an illegal president, Nicolas Maduro, and Guaidó assumed the control of Executive Power. His idea is to restore democracy in Venezuela and go to elections soon.

Even though Guaidó has not been elected as President, people in Venezuela support him. You only need to check the pictures of his meetings on the street. Each square is full of thousands of Venezuelans listening to Guaidó.

3. Venezuelans are happy with the US help.

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I don't care if you support President Trump or you do not like him. In each case, you must read, and read a lot before you can have an opinion. Only because President Trump supports a new Venezuela government, it does not mean it is a bad thing.

I like this simile: if you see your neighbors hurting their kids, you will call the police; won't you? Even though it is not your house, you want to help those kids. Here is the same. Maduro has all the power and the only way Venezuelans can fight with him is with foreigner help.

Because the US supports Guaidó, many other countries have helped him. United Nations had some sessions only to speak about Venezuela. Even better, The US government will start paying for Venezuela's oil to Guaidó instead of Maduro; finally, Venezuelans will see their money. If you are worried about interventionism, please check to what Cuba, Russia and China are doing with Venezuela.

4. People in Venezuela are dying.

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Venezuelans dying every day because they are starving, because there is no food, medications, doctors or money. They die because criminals walk with impunity; only in 2018, over 26,000 Venezuelans were murdered. Any war in this world makes this amount of death. Each day, hundreds of people choose to walk thousands of miles because they want to escape from this nightmare.

If you don't believe me, you always can go to Venezuela and stay a month. You will live without electrical power, water, food or medications. Venezuelans are literarily starving.

I repeat you don't need to trust me. I only ask you to read. This crisis started two decades ago and many of us want to end it. If you're going to start your lectures, here is my first suggestion.