Do you ever just need a pick me up? Do you ever just need to get in your feelings? Do you ever just want to reminisce and maybe go back? Well then Kenny Chesney has the music for you. He'll take you to the coast to survive a heartbreak or he'll take you back in time to the 50-yard line. Whatever you can think of he'll take you there and these 10 songs prove that.

1. "Way Down Here"

'But there's a beautiful view of the end of the world from the pier.' Going through a break-up don't let that get you down. Just go somewhere where nobody knows you. Kenny knows about how to go to a beautiful place and just let your worries slip away.

2. "On the coast of somewhere beautiful"

However, the beach can also break your heart. In this song Kenny wishes he was there with a girl. 'Trade winds blowin' through her hair,' he knows she's happy but he wishes she was happy with her.

3. "When I see this bar"

Remember spring break, senior trip, or your college graduation trip. You probably visited a bar or seven, but you'll never forget the memories. 'But time just stands still when I walk in this place,' that's how it feels when a memory hits you. The good vibes and good times come rushing back.

4. "Boston"

'She came to this island from Boston.' You can leave your past behind but it will always be apart of you no matter where you go.

5. "I go back"

There's always that one song or several songs you hear and remember. For me Kenny's songs take me back. For him others like "Jack and Diane," take him back. Songs can take you back to a memory, time, or place where you were as happy as always and thought the days would never change.

6. "Better as a memory"

Sometimes you can't find the right person to be in your life, but that's alright some are just better as a memory. As Kenny sings "I'm better as a memory than as your man," and sometimes that is alright.

7. "Don't happen twice"

You ever have a night, date, or day that's just perfect. That you pray to happen again well as Kenny says "That's something that just don't happen twice," and he's right we cannot duplicate everything like we wish and that's why we have the memories.

8. "What I need to do"

After a break-up there are things we want to do and things we need to do. We may want to turn back around but in actuality we keep on driving because we know we need to. Kenny helps us realize that just like in other songs he helps us realize that times go on.

9. "French kissing life"

'I know are worried about me, but I'm French kissing life square in the mouth.' When life takes a toll or when you get tired of it you just have to hold on and go for it. Whatever 'IT' may be you'll find out when you get there.

10. "Sherry's living in paradise"

'Chasing something or running from something.' Are you Sherry? I think we all have been at some point no matter the time or age. We all need to let go and live.

These ten songs will definitely have you in some type of mood after you listen to them, but remember to reminisce when the time is right, but don't dwell on the past.