10 Hidden Restaurant Treasures In, And Around, Kennesaw State University

10 Hidden Restaurant Treasures In, And Around, Kennesaw State University

You're Always Looking for Somewhere New to Eat.

So we all know it's so difficult to find good food in a college town.

I have taken the risky task and went and ate at a bunch of places just for you guys. Also if anyone needs a food buddy/restaurant tryer/tater tot eater I AM HERE FOR YOU.

Let me be your best friend. Anywho, here are ten of my favorites.

1. Mountain Biscuits: 1718 old Hwy NW, Marietta, GA

You can get a biscuit, pancakes or a fried Cinnamon roll. Let's talk about the biscuits. For one thing, they are the size of your head. Y'all think I'm kidding. Here's my roommate to compare biscuit to head. The best part about them is there is no MSG and you can customize them to have whatever you want. I suggest getting a biscuit with egg, sausage, and bacon.

2. Marietta Diner: 306 Cobb Pkwy S, Marietta, GA

The menu is huge and the wait staff is tiny.

3. The Red Eye Mule: 1405 Church Street Ext NE, Marietta, GA 30060

I'm about 98% sure this place is an old garage but it was featured on the Food Network so how sketch can it really be? Be well aware that this is the place to be on a Sunday morning but the food is well worth the wait.

4. The Wing Café and Tap House:

Remember how I brought up bacon earlier? Prepare to have your mind BLOWN. The best bacon burger you will ever test is here. They. Cook. Bacon. Directly. Into. The. Meat. This means with every bite you're getting the perfect bacon to beef ratio. While you're there don't forget to grab a drink. These tater tots pair perfectly with a nice beer.

5. J. Christopher's: 2700 Town Center Dr NW, Kennesaw, GA 30144

Confession time. I've actually been going here since high school down in Fayette County. As soon as I moved up here I was instantly saddened at the fact that I could no longer have my biscuits and gravy. Yall catching onto this biscuit theme?? Anywho, this is a sweet breakfast place with a full menu. You can get anything from a Parfait and crepes to a skillet and a hot chocolate.

6. Papi’s Cuban & Caribbean Grill: 745 Chastain Rd NW, Kennesaw, GA 3014

The empanada sampler is to die for. Did I mention they have wonderful margaritas and a ladies night?

7. Volcano steak and sushi: 1985 Cobb Pkwy NW Unit 130, Kennesaw, GA 30152

Do you ever google "local breakfast places" and hope it all turns out all right? Luckily this place was right on the money. Not only is it train themed with a model train that travels through the restaurant but it's so affordable.

9. Canyons Burger Company: 335 Chambers St, Woodstock, GA 30188

This is like an Asian and Mexican love child. All I am saying is burrito bowls and margaritas.

Cover Image Credit: Personal Photo

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8 Reasons Girls Who Love Tequila Are Better

Because if she can handle tequila, she can handle you too.

There are all kinds of alcohol stereotypes out there but the one associated with tequila is probably the worst: tequila makes you crazy. But if there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that women who drink tequila are one-of-a-kind.

Whether it's loving or fighting, you'll never find anyone who does it better than a girl who just straight up loves tequila, and here are a few reasons why that is.

1. She's independent

A girl who drinks tequila is probably the same girl who has absolutely no problem telling it like it is. She knows what she wants and goes after it.

2. She doesn't care what you or anyone else thinks

Oh, you have a problem with me taking shots and having a good time? Well, get over it! Bartender, a shot with salt and a lime please!

3. Always dancing

Tequila is an 'upper' so instead of sitting at the bar doing nothing, let's dance! Let's get moving!

4. There is never a dull moment

Speaking of dancing, a girl who drinks tequila is always down for a good time. Whether it's going on an adventure or seeing who can take the most shots, a tequila girl is always down to party.

5. While everyone else is starting to get sleepy, she has all the energy

Like I said, tequila is an 'upper' so while the other girls at the bar are starting to feel groggy and sad, she's all over the place having fun and partying on the dancefloor.

6. She's stronger than the girl crying over a vodka cranberry at the bar.

Sad over a breakup? Don't go for the vodka... Tequila will make you feel better in no time! Plus you can challenge the hot guys at the bar to a shot taking contest.

7. Tequila is healthy for you

Tequila is a probiotic, so some tequila a day keeps the doctor away. Yay for shots!

8. She can hold her own when it comes to alcohol

Any girl who can shoot some shots at the bar all day and night can handle alcohol, which means she can handle herself too. You won't have to deal with her constant breakdowns and mood swings because she will be too busy ordering more shots.

Cover Image Credit: Whiskey Riff

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A Saturday In The Life Of A Freshman

Welcome to Darty Season


Have you ever had a more stereotypical freshman's Saturday than my friends Maddie, Lauren, Jocelyn, Meg, Barbara, and I? Keep reading to see a packed day in darty season from a freshman's point of view.

9:00 am

My alarm that I meant to set for the day before goes off. I begrudgingly roll over, and turn it off, falling back asleep.

10:00 am

I finally wake up, roll, or jump, out of my lofted bed, grab my laptop, and do a little studying for my exam on Monday -- there's no time for that later today, so I've gotta get some of it done then.

10:30 am

Shower. Pick an outfit. Brush teeth. Makeup. Pack a bag of extra clothes.

12:00 pm

I walked downstairs to the lobby to meet two of my friends who were gonna walk with me to Tutweiler Hall.

12:30 pm

My friends and I at the fundraising event

Elizabeth Gainey

We arrived at Tut, met our friends, then left to go to a philantropy event at Sig Tau sponsored by B+, an organization that assists the families of children diagnosed with cancer. Their burgers and fries were top notch.

2:30 pm

The Hackberrys, a band comprised of UA students, played the event. We left to go back to Tut after a few songs.

3:00 pm

We finally got back at Tut, changed clothes, listened to music, hung out.

3:45 pm

We *finally* left for Pike (sorry mom!). You know how long it takes five girls to get ready, so don't act so shocked.

4:10 pm

Myself, super escstatic about having to wait in a mob of people to get in

Elizabeth Gainey

Have you ever arrived to a frat when it's at capacity? Yeah, around 100 screaming girls were shoving to get into the darty. It was an experience like no other, but eventually, we made our way in. It may have been in groups of two, and we definitely lost a girl to the crowd (she's fine!), but we made it.

6:30 pm

After dancing on an elevated surface or two, walking in circles around their courtyard, watching an active climb into a basketball goal, and waiting in a way-too-long line for the restroom, we decided to go back to Tut.

6:45 pm

We definitely made a stop to grab a snack or two on our way back to Tut.

7:15 pm

After realizing that none of the parties at night were gonna start until around 10 pm, we decided to watch some random YouTube videos and Netflix to pass the time. There was also another stop for snacks at the infamous Julia's on the first floor of Tut.

9:30 pm

My third outfit change of the day. We decided to leave Tut for frat row for the third time that day, too. I wanna say my total steps for the day was around 17,000? It was a lot.

10:00 pm

Best view in the house (Myself on the left, Maddie on the right)

Elizabeth Gainey

We got to Sigma Pi as the party was just starting to build up. Their band room was filled within the hour, and they had a pretty good DJ. Although the active yelling at me and my friend to get off the stage was no fun.

11:00 pm

Have you ever faked out a frat boy with a soccer ball? Well, now I can say I have.

12:00 am

After someone pulled the fire alarm on Sigma Pi, we decided to walk back to Tut.

12:45 am

My two Ragecrest friends and I decided to take the bus back because, after the stretch to and from frat row three times, we had no more walking left in us.

1:00 am

Canes chicken tenders. Enough said. It's the way to end a night.

It was a very packed, but very fun and eventful day. We pretty much hit all the spring semester stereotypes: walking along and to frat row, going to a darty, going to a frat party, going to a philanthropy event, and more. As crazy as the day was, I highly recommend trying a day like this once because you won't forget it!


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