If you are someone who has a high interest in conspiracy theories or murder mysteries, then Kendall Rae is the YouTuber for you. Kendall Rae is a prominent YouTuber, and I have watched the majority of her videos and her husband's, Josh Thomas, as well. I have decided to share the best of the best of Kendall Rae with you all so you can also procrastinate your daily duties, and watch the unsolved OJ Simpson trial instead.

1. April Tinsley Case

A 1st-grade girl named April went missing on April 1st, 1988. No one knew what happened, and everyone, especially her mother just wanted closure. My favorite part about this one is that you do eventually find out what happened to April, and who did it.

2.    Astrology Explained

I enjoyed this one because Kendall explains astrology in a way where everyone can understand the concept. She also goes into detail on how to create your own birth chart if you are interested.

3. Father Leaves Child in Car on Purpose

In this video, Kendall explains how there are so many deaths per year from accidentally leaving a child in a hot car, but this particular case might have been on purpose.

4. Stanford Prison Experiment

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to prison, or be a prison guard? Kendall explains what happens when a psychology experiment goes wrong. There are people that lose their mind, and only within 24 hours.

5. Time Travel, Mandela Effect, and Parallel Universes

One of my favorite videos because I genuinely believe in a lot of what she is saying. A guy from the future posts on online forums and a lot of people think it's "Berenstein Bears," when it's actually "Berenstain Bears."

6. Russian Boy Claims He Lived on Mars in Past Life

Some of her videos are yes, very farfetched but hey I like to think that anything is possible. A Russian boy explains scientific explanations from the spaceship he used to what living on Mars was like.

7.   American Boy Returned Home in A Coma from North Korea

After watching this video, I was extremely terrified to even think about North Korea again.

8. What Really Happened to the Missing Flight MH370?

Now this, this is insane. How did a plane just vanish without even a trace of evidence? 200 people plus the plane itself disappeared, and no one has a clue of what happened, or do they? Kendall Rae gives you theories about what might have happened to this plane, and make you second guess everything.

These are just a few of my favorites, but she has a ton that is worth a watch. She will have you convinced that aliens are real and that OJ Simpson is Khloe Kardashian's father. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do, happy watching.