How To Make Stress Your Friend Ted Talk
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We All Have Something To Learn From Kelly McGonigal's 'How To Make Stress Your Friend' TED Talk

If you say you're not stressed, I'd say you're lying.

We All Have Something To Learn From Kelly McGonigal's 'How To Make Stress Your Friend' TED Talk

It's an interesting feat when it comes to stress. Coping with it makes life difficult due to the negative connotation we have developed for it over many years. However, we don't need to see our body's physical response to challenging or daunting tasks as a way to defeat us or tell us that we can't cope with the struggles in our lives.

In Kelly McGonigal's Ted Talk, "How To Make Stress Your Friend," she explains to us the importance of using stress as a benefactor instead of thinking of it as a way to impede your performance. Her exercises show the impact of the social stress test on the individual partaking in it. The study shows that people with chronic stress can benefit from a little key thought: that this stress is good for me because it is was preparing me.

One major point she mentioned was how "people who experienced a lot of stress but did not view stress as harmful...had the lowest risk of dying of anyone in the study, including people who had relatively little" (McGonigal). The two variations of stress in this world: eustress and distress.

Eustress is more seen as a beneficial type of stress like a promotion or a marriage. These things do bring their own level of concern, but they improve our overall stature but making us work to achieve something we desire. Distress is more on the negative end of the spectrum, like the death of a loved one. This can lead to health complications like a cardiovascular disease because of the arteries tightening. Our goal is to have eustress, instead of being distressed.

Daily we experience stress to be more distress, even if the situation could have been a more eustress moment like a job interview or a presentation. Due to the popular belief of stress equating to distress, today, the United States, "43 percent [had an] increased risk of dying."

It's time we stop constantly overanalyzing everything and worrying about every specific detail, cause that hurts us more than helps us. So, next time your heart is palpating due to distress, think of the situation more positively to help you out. Stay happy and healthy!

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