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10 Reasons why Keith urban is Awesome

and it’s more than his good looks

10 Reasons why Keith urban is Awesome

Keith Urban is one of Country Music's greatest guitar players. (He's also the cutest.) But he is way more than good looks and great guitar skills. He's got a great personality and is a very awesome person. Here's why:

1. His music is more than just country.

Keith has always been good at pushing the envelope on country music. He's able to make the country music genre expand and to make the music more modern and less like the old "traditional" country music.

2. His music is relatable.

Sometimes certain songs make us feel as if the singer/songwriter wrote them specifically for us and whatever we are going through at that current moment in time. That's often how Keith's music makes you feel. Certain songs of his like "Nobody Drinks Alone" "Better Life" or "You're My Better Half" are relatable because sometimes when you feel down you want to listen to sad songs or when you feel good you want to listen to something that makes you happy. Keith has songs that fit those two moods as well as other good feelings.

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File:Keith Urban (49627460777).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

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Keith Urban Talks 'Fuse' Album and More! | Country megastar … | Flickr

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Keith Urban on Walmart Soundcheck | Check out the country su… | Flickr

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Keith Urban on Walmart Soundcheck | Check out the country su… | Flickr

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3. His concerts are fun.

Keith is great at what he does and his live performances are no exception.

He plays for 2-3 hours at his concerts and he really gives his all when performing live. He'll joke with the audience and scope the crowd to bring someone on stage after he reads their signs. If it's a fan's birthday, Keith will lead the audience in singing Happy Birthday to make that fan's birthday even more special.

4. He's so caring and giving.

Celebrities are normally known for being nice to their fans but never really on a personal level. (It's very rare when it does happen.) They love their fans but are prone to being annoyed/bothered by meeting fans when out in public or at concerts, not Keith. He wants to listen to fans tell their story and take photos with them (as long as his girl's Sunday and Faith aren't with him).

5. He's so passionate about everything he does.

Keith is very passionate about everything he does whether it's making music or performing live and it shows. When you are at his concert you can feel his energy and it's amazing. He loves doing it so much and it clearly makes him very happy.

6. He's not afraid to share his struggles.

Keith has had a few rough patches in his life just like everybody else does.

He lived with an alcoholic father and he's mentioned before in interviews how he wished his family had been more intimate. His childhood home caught on fire and his family had to live in a tractor shed until they got another house.

Then there were his three stints in rehab for drug and alcohol addiction. The first two times he was in rehab he was able to kick his drug addiction but he kept going back to alcohol after a final stint in rehab in 2006 (just a few months after marrying Nicole Kidman). He became sober and has been for twelve years.

7. His relationship with Nicole Kidman is the best.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have been together for 12 years. They love each other so much and it really shows. They always support each other no matter what and they absolutely love PDA, even though they went through hard times while Keith was going through rehab in 2006.

It made their relationship stronger and made them realize how much they needed each other. Now they have homes in multiple states including Tennessee, New York, and California, although they mostly live in Nashville Tennessee with their two daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret (ages 14 and 11.) 3 cats named Queen Snow and Ginger, Louis. A dog named Julian and lots of farm animals on their Farm in Australia.

8. Keith is passionate about causes important to him.

Keith is a great guy who loves to help whatever cause is important to him, whether it's music education or making a calendar and donating to help support St. Jude children's research Hospital. He helps people because of what he's been through and understands what it's like to have nothing.

He's awarded Humanitarian for his efforts.

9. He's very down to Earth.

Keith is a very down-to-Earth guy. Most celebrities aren't down to earth—all they care about is the money and fame. Keith cares about more than just that. He wanted to be a country singer ever since he was a little boy. It took him a long time to get where he is today and he's enjoying every second of it. He loves his fans and supporters more than just the fame and money aspect. He always thanks us fans for our support and is always there to make us feel important.

10. He's an inspiration for so many.

Keith Urban is an inspiration to many of his fans. He's been through so much but he shows that you can come back stronger from hard times and with his charity work it inspires his fans to help out others who are less fortunate. He also shows that if you work hard enough your dreams will come true.

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