Tomi Lahren is a conservative millennial known for her “Final Thoughts” videos where she is literally SCREAMING at the camera and blasting her conservative ideologies onto an audience craving "fake news. Some people love her...some people hate her...I for one only watch because she’s literally humorous to me at this point.

Then there are celebrities with even less of a brain than Tomi Lahren, with a facade on like they have a clue on what's going on in the world of politics. The first idiotic celebrities I image struggling to understand politics and further struggling through Tomi Lahren's politic view? The Kardashians.

So here is what I envision that Kardashians are thinking while watching the infamous blonde conservative Trump supporter:

Oh we go

When she says the Left is ruining the country and they're all just throwing a tantrum still that Hillary lost...

When Tomi is literally being so disrespectful while calling people awful names, saying really rude things about people she knows nothing about:

Then when she literally spouts out nothing but ignorant alternative facts to back up her fragile, emotionless pleas for people to support Trump:

Then Tomi keeps it she’s attacking the NFL, Democrats, Hillary Clinton still, and NOW Kanye?!?!

She keeps yelling and won't shut up about complete comes Kris

Who does she think she is? She is NOT the end all-be all of American politics

THANK GOD THAT HOUR OF MY LIFE IS OVER...Bless her heart, she needs some prayers *gets on knees to pray*

Tomi will probably resent this and comment rudely about the Hollywood 'elitist' attitude...and to that the Kardashians would say...

"...See ya when I see ya, bitch"