Keeping the Peace Online
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Keeping the Peace Online

Learning that "I disagree" does NOT mean the same as "I hate you"

Keeping the Peace Online

Like most people in the World, I have a network of family and friends that are very diverse in their ideology.

Growing up I would hear, "The two things you never talk about at the dinner table are religion and politics". Today I think that would be a good rule to enforce on social media.

I have no problem sharing thoughts and beliefs online. I do have an issue with using social media as a bully pulpit or a place to tout your opinion as the only one and shame anyone else who disagrees with you.

I hate when a social media post is prefaced with "No Haters Allowed" or "Haters will be unfriended". There are people out there that it seems their whole job in life is to just tick people off but I have found that most of the time when people use phrases like this they don't mean internet trolls, they mean anyone with a differing view point of their own.

On the flip side of the argument if someone shares something about a life choice or an opinion they are sharing to find support. I am pretty sure that nothing you could tell them would ever change their mind. The only thing that getting in a war of words online will accomplish is you will lose a friend online and in real life so it really isn't worth it.

There are people on my social media newsfeed that make me want to say

every time I see their posts. There is a wonderful feature on Social Media where you can still be their friends you just have to actually go to their page to read their posts. This feature has saved many friendships and familial relationship.

Another social media trend I absolutely despise is telling people that have differing views that they are "ignorant" or "backward" or have some sort of phobia about the issue being discussed. When I hear that argument it is really hard not to just say-

Social Media is a diverse place with diverse opinions if you don't like what someone is saying hide them or unfriend them. Social Media is not the place to get into a verbal smack down with people.

If you are the person posting their social agenda online be prepared for some differing opinions. Excluding internet trolls, if someone offers a differing view point they are not ignorant or scared of your opinion they simply have a different one than yours and that doesn't make them wrong and you right or vice versa it makes you two people with two opinions and that is ok.

Don't confuse a differing opinion with hatred. There are a ton of people in this world and on my social media that I vehemently disagree with on just about every relevant social issue but I still love them as a person.

Remember that next time you use social media to share bits of your life. There are going to be people that disagree with your choices. When you get those responses (and you will) the word "disagree" is not the same as "I hate you" for most people. If whatever issue you are going through brings a lot of true haters with it maybe social media isn't the place to share.

I am a huge proponent of social media. Sometimes it can be a lifeline for people. I am a sharer, I share just about every part of my life online. I share the good, the bad and the ugly. I have had my share of so called haters (thankfully not too many) I have cried before over hurtful comments online and noticing my friend count go down. Those times have taught me to be careful what I share. I am a sharer but I only share openly the things that might make people smile or if I need prayer or help with something. If I am going through some big issue I have a few friends that I know share my beliefs that will help encourage and not berate me on issues.

Be careful what you share and who you share it with.

Be nice to people if they are honestly sharing a differing opinion on something, have an open conversation, it just might give you a new way to look at something. Leave all the silly drama for the Kardashians, none of us have time for that crap.

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