Keeping Christmas Affordable As Told By Kevin McCallister

Keeping Christmas Affordable As Told By Kevin McCallister

6 tips and tricks for a Merry Christmas on a budget.

The holidays are coming and you have a balance of -7.26 dollars in your bank account. What are you going to do?

You have five siblings, three sets of grandparents, six aunts and uncles, and two nephews. (Wait, did I forget anyone?) The point is, it can be overwhelming. Especially for college students. Here are 6 tips to save the bank and still have a Merry Christmas, as told by none other than "Home Alone" protagonist Kevin McCallister.

1. Don't wait until last minute!

Shop for Christmas all year long! Don’t start 2 weeks before Christmas when prices are raised. Grab that toy from the dollar tree when you come across one your nephew will love, it doesn’t matter is it’s April. Wow, these winter coats are on sale? It’s July but winter will be back, and Aunt Judy loves blue! Shopping lightly year round will lighten the burden, come Christmas time. You’ll turn around and realize you’ve done half of your shopping without even thinking about it.

2. Pay attention to the little things.

You go to your moms house and realize she has to wash more coffee cups every time you visit. There’s an idea, a brand new set will do nicely! It will be very thoughtful, yet affordable. You notice your older brother has mismatched sock with holes in the toes, there you go, a nice package from Walmart will do the trick. It’s not the Xbox One he wanted, but he’ll appreciate it anyway; no one likes buying their own socks.

3. Get crafty.

Those old wine bottles downstairs can make an excellent set of tike torches for Grandma’s patio. Buy some wicks and citronella fluid and you’re golden. Grandmas love homemade stuff. Get on Pinterest and get to work! “It’s the thought that counts” she always says.

4. Give an experience.

You don’t know Uncle Mike very well, but you know he is a truck driver. He loves country music and coffee. Get him a CD from one of his favorite artists and a Tim Horton’s gift card. Practical, thoughtful, affordable. Your stepmom is a homebody, she would love a couple chick flicks and comedies to watch on her nights off. Get her that new one with Adam Sandler and don’t forget a package of popcorn. “How cute are you” she’ll say.

5. Buy some laughter.

Dad is going through some sort of midlife crisis. He died his hair blonde and started reminiscing about the “good ol’ days”. Buy him a package of adult diapers and one of those walkers with the horn on it. He loves a good joke. Through in a Christmas card and some of his favorite childhood candies and he will have a swell time. Maybe he will even forget about those grey hairs peeking through for a moment. Your stepdad is a gambler. Buy him a stack of lottery tickets to try his luck. Be sure to throw in a fake one or two to get him going. Don’t forget your camera to capture the moment he thought he became a millionaire.

6. Get a group gift.

Don’t forget the in laws. Maybe money is tight but you know your spouse's parents could use some time together. Grab them some scented candles, a bottle of wine, cheese, and crackers for a romantic date night at home. They will definitely appreciate the sentiment. Maybe you cannot get all six of your husband’s siblings individual gifts. Go big on one gift for the whole family. They love throwing family reunions at Tim’s camp and could really use a nice outdoor grill.

So despite your financial woes, Christmas can be affordable. A few tips and tricks can be all it takes to make shopping for loved ones fun, easy, and inexpensive. We’ve all been there. The struggle may be real, but the holidays are a time for happiness, not stress. Family and friends will be thankful for any sign of effort. Go out and show them you care. Merry Christmas everyone!

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'Baby, It's Cold Outside' Is NOT About Date Rape, It's A Fight Against Social Norms Of The 1940s

The popular Christmas song shouldn't be considered inappropriate.


The classic Christmas song "Baby, It's Cold Outside" has recently come under attack. There has been controversy over the song being deemed as inappropriate since it has been suggested that it promotes date rape. Others believe that the song is another common example of our culture's promotion of rape. You may be wondering, where did they get that idea from?

The controversy has led to one radio station, WDOK, taking the song off the air and banning it from their station. Some people believe that this song goes against the #MeToo movement since it promotes rape. However, people are not considering the fact that this traditional Christmas song was made in the 1940s.

People are viewing the song from a modern-day cultural perspective rather than from the perspective of the 1940s. "Baby, It's Cold Outside" was written in 1944. Many people have viewed the song from the perspective of our cultural and social norms. People believe that the song promotes date rape because of lyrics that suggest that the male singing is trying to stop the female singer from leaving, and the female singer is constantly singing about trying to escape with verses like "I really can't stay" or "I've got to go home."

When you first view the song from the perspective of today's culture, you may jump to the conclusion that the song is part of the date rape culture. And it's very easy to jump to this conclusion, especially when you are viewing only one line from the song. We're used to women being given more freedom. In our society, women can have jobs, marry and be independent. However, what everyone seems to forget is that women did not always have this freedom.

In 1944, one of the social norms was that women had curfews and were not allowed to be in the same house as a man at a later time. It was considered a scandal if a single woman so much as stayed at another man's house, let alone be in the same room together. It's mind-blowing, right? You can imagine that this song was probably considered very provocative for the time period.

"Baby, It's Cold Outside" is not a song that encourages date rape, but is actually challenging the social norms of society during the time period. When you listen to the song, you notice that at one part of the song, the female states, "At least I can say that I tried," which suggests that she really doesn't want to leave. In fact, most of the song, she is going back and forth the whole time about leaving stating, "I ought to say no…well maybe just a half a drink more," and other phrases.

She doesn't want to leave but doesn't really have a choice due to fear of causing a scandal, which would have consequences with how others will treat her. It was not like today's society where nobody cares how late someone stays at another man's house. Nowadays, we could care less if we heard that our single neighbor stayed over a single man's house after 7. We especially don't try to look through our curtain to check on our neighbor. Well, maybe some of us do. But back then, people did care about where women were and what they were doing.

The female singer also says in the lyrics, "The neighbors might think," and, "There's bound to be talk tomorrow," meaning she's scared of how others might perceive her for staying with him. She even says, "My sister will be suspicious," and, "My brother will be there at the door," again stating that she's worried that her family will find out and she will face repercussions for her actions. Yes, she is a grown woman, but that doesn't mean that she won't be treated negatively by others for going against the social norms of the time period.

Then why did the male singer keep pressuring her in the song? This is again because the song is more about challenging the social norms of the time period. Both the female and male singers in the song are trying to find excuses to stay and not leave.

On top of that, when you watch the video of the scene in which the song was originally viewed, you notice that the genders suddenly switch for another two characters, and now it's a female singer singing the male singer's part and vice versa. You also notice that the whole time, both characters are attracted to one another and trying to find a way to stay over longer.

Yes, I know you're thinking it doesn't matter about the genders. But, the song is again consensual for both couples. The woman, in the beginning, wants to stay but knows what will await if she doesn't leave. The male singer meanwhile is trying to convince her to forget about the rules for the time period and break them.

In addition, the complaint regarding the lyric "What's in this drink?" is misguided. What a lot of people don't understand is that back in 1944, this was a common saying. If you look at the lyrics of the song, you notice that the woman who is singing is trying to blame the alcoholic drink for causing her to want to stay longer instead of leaving early. It has nothing to do with her supposed fear that he may have tried to give her too much to drink in order to date rape her. Rather, she is trying to find something to blame for her wanting to commit a scandal.

As you can see, when you view the song from the cultural perspective of the 1940s, you realize that the song could be said to fight against the social norms of that decade. It is a song that challenges the social constrictions against women during the time period. You could even say that it's an example of women's rights, if you wanted to really start an argument.

Yes, I will admit that there were movies and songs made back in the time period that were part of the culture of date rape. However, this song is not the case. It has a historical context that cannot be viewed from today's perspective.

The #MeToo movement is an important movement that has led to so many changes in our society today. However, this is not the right song to use as an example of the date rape culture.

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10 Gifts To Get Your Go-To Bestie For The Holidays

Go on and treat yo' bestie.


It is that time of the year where we spend hours shopping online and searching stores for the perfect gifts for our family and our friends. Sometimes it is hard to find the perfect gift to get your most special friend. No worries girl, continue reading for some gift ideas. I have you covered.

1. Bath, body, and beauty

Who can say no to self-care? I for sure can't. Gather a bunch of beauty products such as lotions, bath bombs, face masks, and candles to give your bestie the downtime they so preciously need after final exams. Head to your local bath and body works, Walgreens, or Target and make a basket filled with all their favorite goodies for them to enjoy.

2. Photo album or scrapbook

What could be better than a photo collage or scrapbook to memorialize all the special moments the two of you have experienced together? Nothing! Go through your social media accounts and pick out some of your favorite throwback pictures. Find a cute book and get to crafting!

3. Pajamas

When you have those busy homework days and you do not feel like leaving the house why not stay in your cozy pajamas all day long. Head to your nearest Marshalls, Dillards, Target, or Walmart to find some cozy jammies your bestie will instantly love. Throw in some fuzzy socks so her feet stay warm!

4. Jewelry

Every girl loves to accessorize. Whether it be with necklaces, bracelets, or rings your bestie has plenty of times she can go out and wear some glitzy. Head to your local department store to find something affordable, yet stylish. If you can't find anything in stores, check out websites like Etsy or Amazon. A gift I have received that shows something personal and special is something engraved. Get your BFF's name or initials engraved on a statement piece can be the best gift she has ever received.

5. Makeup

Get your bestie some shimmery eyeshadow shades or a pretty lip color. With the holidays coming, she can dress up and try out a new look. Head to your local Sephora or drugstore to put together a cute makeup goody bag for your friend to enjoy. Mixing and matching new products and some favorites will give her a chance to stick to the basics as well as try new products out. Throw in some makeup brushes and cleaner, so she can add to her collection.

6. Monogrammed Blanket

A cute personalized gift to get your bestie for the holidays can be simple, yet personal. A gift I have gotten for my bestie that she loved was a cute personal blanket. Grab a blanket and head to an embroidery shop. Depending on the place, it will cost up to $10 dollars. You can put their name or their monogrammed initial to make it specifically for them. Next time they watch a movie or t.v. show they will be all cozied up in their new blanket!

7. Perfume

Buying someone perfume shows that you personally picked out a scent that you thought they would enjoy. You can't go wrong with picking up a nice perfume for your bestie to love and wear. Head to your local department store to find the latest scents. Stores like Victoria Secret and Bath and Body Works offer several scents depending on what you are looking for.

8. Netflix and movie gear

No explanation needed.

9. Flowers

Who could say no to a bouquet of flowers? I know I couldn't. Not only do they smell good, but they are beautiful too. Head to your local grocery store to pick out a simple, yet elegant bouquet that your bestie will love!

10. Phone case

Every girl loves to have a fun and cute phone case to show off her personality. Get your bestie an iPhone case that shows off her fun and cool personality. Head to Target, Walmart, or Amazon to find inexpensive phone cases that are durable and super cute.

Whatever you get your best friend, she will love and appreciate because I mean hello, it is coming from you! Whatever you decide to give her, give it some love and thought. I am sure she will love it just as much as she loves and appreciates you.

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