Let me start this article by sending you snaps of approval... all of you. I do not care what your background is, your beliefs are, or where you land politically. If you have an opinion that is phenomenal and something that should never change. If you stand up for what you believe in, HOLY SH*T, seriously, I have mad respect for you.


Please, do not plaster it all over my Twitter timeline.

Recently, I spend a semester abroad. Being away, my only way of knowing what was going on at home was Twitter... except it was all negative and I really couldn't tell what was actually going on because everyone was putting out there two cents on the topics.

Either way, please keep it off of Twitter for a few reasons.

First Reason

Just like you do not care to hear my opinions, I really do not care to hear yours. If I cared, I would ask you.

Second Reason

You plastering your opinion on social media, especially Twitter and Instagram is not going to change anything.

So, instead of posting complaints and stuff no one really wants to read when they open twitter. Try something new...

If it is easier for you to voice your beliefs on social media, try Linkedin. Linkedin is a great place to connect with like minded people and also can help you find a job at a company that is MADE for you!

Honestly though, please if you have an opinion, make your opinion heard. Twitter won't get you anywhere unless your box of Chips Ahoy came broken when you bought them... Go to marches or rallies. Speak your mind, just not on my Twitter timeline.