A lot of the time, doing work is a drag; especially now that fall classes are in full swing. There are some ways to make work more manageable though. Even if you do have to sit at a desk all day, you can make your workspace more personable. Here are ten little things to keep at your desk to make it more inviting.


You know the saying – hydrate or die(drate).


Surrounding yourself with pictures of people and things that you love will give you strength.

Flower or Plant.

Having a pretty living thing near you can calm you down.

Sticky Notes.

They’re tiny and fun and they keep you on track.


Many people say that chewing gum helps them concentrate better.


Plug them in when you need to tune out the world for a little while.

Colorful Pens.

Everyone needs writing instruments to take notes and do work, so why not make it a little more exciting?


Burning candles makes the atmosphere a lot more comfortable, especially when they come in your favorite scents (like pumpkin for fall). Just be sure not to set off the smoke detectors.


It’s always helpful to highlight important notes and dates in your agenda.


Because chocolate makes everything better.