Katy Perry's shoe line are worth taking the risk for.
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Katy Perry Came Out With A Jelly Shoe Collection And We Are Here For It

Katy Perry uses her creativeness to design shoes with fruits, lipstick tubes as a heel and much more.

Katy Perry Collections Instagram

It was not until I was attempting to waste time by dawdling around the shoe section at my internship that I saw a collection of some crazy styled shoes. With little surprise, I found out that they were from the Katy Perry collection. Inside—and even outside—of the fashion industry, Katy Perry makes some serious waves in the way that she thinks, acts, and presents herself. For this reason, I was not surprised by the designs in her shoe collection.

It is evident that Katy Perry used her creative imagination to produce the designs for these shoes. The first pair that caught my eye were baby pink, mule-style heels that—wait for it—have a lipstick tube as the heel! Of course, it is not actually makeup, but the style just screams the "girliest" side of femininity. After furthering my interest in these shoes, I decided to take a peek at the website. Pink is not your color? Do not worry, they come in red too! As it turns out, these mules are new so get out there and grab yours!

The next pair that caught my eye were point-toed heels that were styled as a tuxedo. The ankle of the shoe is designed as a shirt collar, with a strap that lines the top of the foot as the row of buttons. The best part is that there is a giant sparkly bow tie that is positioned at the front—can they get any more classic? I noticed that out of the all of the shoes on display for this collection, these were the pair that seem to get the most attention from shoppers. While they are around $129.00, they may just be worth the daydream.

It was an easy choice of mine to purchase my own pair of Katy Perry Collection sandals when I saw them (on sale, that is). I enjoy everything fashion, however, it would be understandable for me to say that some of the styles in this collection are slightly intimidating. For this reason, when I found these sandals, they fit my style a little more. They are "jelly" style which means that they are made out of silicone plastic. It sounds odd, but I think it works well as a pair of fun summer sandals as they are basically waterproof too. They are baby pink and have a single bow that sticks out between my big and second toe as a thong-style shoe. And after my discount, they were only $20.00! Which means that depending on where you purchase a pair, they are reasonable for anyone!

I would recommend checking out this collection if you are someone who enjoys fashion and has an edgy style. I would also recommend this collection to fashionistas like me, who like to step out of their comfort zone every once in a while. Katy Perry's collection is just that versatile. Based on her designs, it is clear that she wanted to embody her bubbly, daring side but still take her fans into consideration who may be a little more subtle with their fashion choices. This collection is difficult to miss but it is not sold everywhere, so take advantage when you can!

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