Kat Dennings' Comments About Chris Evans' Nude Leak Were Selfish And Out Of Place
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Kat Dennings' Comments About Chris Evans' Nude Leak Were Selfish And Out Of Place

Kat Dennings' tweet about Chris Evans' recent nude leak was neither the time nor the place.

Kat Dennings' Comments About Chris Evans' Nude Leak Were Selfish And Out Of Place

Chris Evans is known as a talented actor, best recognized for his role as Captain America. He is widely respected in the entertainment industry. That's why it was shocking to hear that a nude shot of Evans accidentally leaked on the internet.

However, it got even more embarrassing once we found out how it happened. Evans had posted a video from his phone onto Instagram. When the video ended, it showed his camera roll, which included a picture of what many believe is Evans' penis. Evans handled the moment with class, using the attention he received to urge people to vote.

Many folks reacted to the incident on social media, including some celebrities. Kat Dennings tweeted that women don't get treated with the same respect for privacy when their nude photos leak. Some were claiming that while Evans received support, with many asking people not to share or view the photo, female celebrities were met with the opposite reaction.

If your example of a double standard is based on social media discourse, there's inevitably going to be exceptions. So much so that it almost makes your claim of a double standard completely pointless.

Were there people who were supportive of Chris Evans in asking people not to share or view the picture? Yes, there were. However, the same sentiment was one I saw throughout the scandal involving Jennifer Lawrence's nude leak. There were also a lot of people thirsting over Evans and asking to see the photo. As much respect as he received, there was plenty of disrespect thrown his way too. The same goes for women.

The timing of such a discussion seemed pretty selfish. Don't get me wrong, I understand this is a sensitive issue for Dennings. She was the victim of a nude leak herself. However, her comment feels like someone told a friend their dog just died and their friend responded by saying their mother died of cancer.

Some might say the media is more respectful to men who are victims of these leaks. However, this is also not the case.

The hosts on ET Canada seemed to get a good laugh out of the whole thing. Evans was also questioned about it on The Tamron Hall Show, where she appeared to be teasing him about it. Something tells me their tone would be much more serious in this day and age if it were a female celebrity. There remains this perception that men can handle this sort of thing. As a result, we have moments like this, where men aren't given the same respect that women receive.

The same goes for male victims of sexual harassment and assault. If it is a female perpetrator, so many guys make fun of the victim for not being into it. Look at the way the media covers male students preyed upon by female teachers. When it's a female student being preyed on by a male teacher, it's called rape. When it's a male student being preyed on by a female teacher, it's called "sex."

Male problems are so often swept under the rug and, therefore, men can't properly deal with their emotions.

Chris Evans is facing public humiliation and embarrassment. Yes, it's something he did, but it was an accident. Not to mention how open Evans has been about his battle with anxiety. He may have put on a good front on The Tamron Hall Show, but we don't know how he's privately feeling about all this. This is how men are taught to handle these situations, "toughen up, take it like a man, don't let them see you cry."

Let's focus on offering Evans support and kindness. It's not the time to say someone else's embarrassment is more difficult to handle. With all due respect, this is not about you, Kat Dennings.

Are women more easily slut-shamed when these sorts of things happen? Absolutely. There are definitely clear examples of double standards when it comes to the treatment men receive versus the treatment women receive.

The timing of this conversation, however, was just inappropriate. It would've been better to wait until the story died down before bringing such things up. Without trying to speak for the actor, the wound was still fresh and it felt like Evans' embarrassment was being dismissed. Discussions are important, but timing is everything.

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