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Netflix's "Queer Eye" teaches viewers a lot about their lifestyle. How can you make little improvements to your daily life if you find yourself struggling? Maybe look to Bobby, who shows that remodeling a house can change an entire environment. Or to Antoni, who swears that changing your diet can motivate and make you happy. Tan says adding style can boost character, and Jonathan shows viewers that just dedicating five minutes to yourself each morning can make every day shine just a little brighter.

But it's Karamo who demonstrates that changing your mindset can make the biggest impact.

Throughout each episode, viewers hear a multitude of pep talks from Karamo about how to change the way you look at life. By the end, Karamo reflects that not only did he teach something to his client, but he learned something too. And that's how life should be.

It is reasons like these that Karamo has to run for office, which he recently revealed in an interview was, and still is, a dream job of his. "Ironically, TV was my second dream job ... I've always played and toyed with the idea of politics. I love politics and I've always thought about running for office one day."

Karamo is a prime example of how we should all be living life, and the way he handles conflict is exactly what this country needs right now. There is one episode where the Fab Five take on a client who is a police officer. While driving to the client's house, they are pulled over and Karamo is the driver. Once they are stopped, the police officer's voice is somewhat threatening, and he asks Karamo to step out of the car. Jonathan pulls out his camera to record it all in case anything becomes physical. For a moment, viewers fear for Karamo's safety. However, it is revealed the police officer is pranking him and is actually the client's friend. But it is clear that even after the "prank," Karamo is still on edge.

He brings the prank up to his client later on in the episode, who is a hard-core Trump supporter. Surprisingly, they have a civil conversation about the relationship between #BlackLivesMatter and the police force. Both men get their points across and are able to agree with one another, rather than yelling opinions without listening.

With the division in our country, we need a leader like Karamo to create civil conversations where both sides will listen.

In an interview, Karamo always says he looks for moments to "push the culture" and have "hard conversations that we need to have" all while being respectful. It's clear that Karamo possesses wisdom and fearlessness when it comes to conquering difficult dialogue. However, it isn't only his television persona that makes him look like the perfect candidate. His series of tweets are reminders throughout the day on how to live your best life. Just recently, one of his tweets caught a lot of positive attention when he posted, "It's important to teach young boys that they don't have to only look up to men ... that it's awesome if a woman is their hero too! I tell my sons this every day. All of my heroes are women — from my granny to my mom, to my 10th-grade math teacher Ms. Silva to Michelle Obama!"

Karamo Brown takes a break from the negativity and division not only in real life but on social media as well.

The current Trump administration has caused such a division in our nation, brewing hatred on all forms of social media. Yet Karamo chooses not to pay attention to the negative state our country is in and rather chooses to grow and blossom by being positive.

We need to convince Karamo Brown to run for office, whether it be at the local or national level because we need people like him taking control of our country to help it grow for the better and to heal the gap that has been created.

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