We Should Be Taking Kanye West's Political Views Seriously
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We Should Be Taking Kanye West's Political Views Seriously

Celebrities are humans too, y'know.

We Should Be Taking Kanye West's Political Views Seriously
Kanye West

Hey guys, I have some breaking news for those of you who don’t use Twitter or who for some reason don’t pay attention to social media.

Kanye West is back.

Yes, the rap god Yeezus has returned to the Twitterverse, sharing all kinds of wisdom through 280 character posts. From inspirational messages to screenshots of his conversations with other rappers, Kanye has taken the Twitter world by storm, and it’s impossible to scroll through my Twitter feed without seeing one of his tweets or a tweet about him.

But recently there’s been a different kind of hype regarding his Twitter account.

After sharing a picture of a familiar looking red hat, the political world took interest in his Twitter account. Everything changed when Kanye said he supported Donald Trump.

Now, this isn’t something that should be surprising to any of us. Kanye West met with Trump in New York before he took the office, so that alone should have been a cue that he at least was interested in seeing what Trump could do as President. There’s really no reason for the shock in this situation, but I digress.

Regardless of their views, many Twitter users took to the website with their fingers flying just to get their opinions out in the open. Some showed support for the rapper’s views, while others showed clear disdain. Kanye even managed to lose a significant amount of followers for showing support for the President. But there were some users who seemed to discredit Kanye’s views altogether.

Some believed his views shouldn’t be taken seriously due to his celebrity status or because he “has thought about politics for two minutes.”

This kind of thinking is, in my opinion, dangerous. Trump had shown interest for at least four years before he announced he was running, and nobody took him seriously. He ended up winning, despite all of the pundits saying that he couldn’t do it. Keep in mind that Kanye has already shown interest in running for President in the future. If we discredit his views and opinions and say that he wouldn’t be able to win or that celebrities shouldn’t be political, it could cause another giant upset in the future.

Personally, I’m tired of celebrities thinking they can run for President and win. The political world is one that I believe needs a ton of experience to survive in. That being said, I’m also tired of people pushing celebrity opinions aside because they’re celebrities. Take away their social status and they’re about as ordinary as you and I. So we should treat their views like we would treat the views of a stranger on Facebook. Listen to their side (unless it’s ugly), and educate them when they’re wrong. I for one would be interested in what Kanye has to say politically, even though I don’t agree with his support for Trump.

So let’s stop with the celebrity bashing and start taking their opinions seriously.

Before we end up with another President who people like but didn’t think could win.

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