15 Times Kanye West's Tweets Saved Us All From Being 'College Dropouts' During Finals

If you've been on Twitter at all recently, you've seen Kanye's very large presence. Without even knowing it, Kanye was speaking for all of us going through the dreaded finals week.

1. When you realize this week is all about you

No one benefits from all the studying and stressing over exams but you. No one else cares if you pass.

2. When people ask how you're holding up

Basically, you're NOT doing great.

3. When they respond to that with "I'm sure everything is fine"

They're all liars and they don't understand.

4. When you drank too many cups of coffee to stay awake

Anyone who can get through finals week without some sort of caffeine is immortal, don't @ me.

5. When someone tells you that you can't pull another all-nighter

Never say never. College kids are capable of a lot.

6. When you think of how much easier things were in high school

This is not high school; it's better, and it's worse.

7. When you have too much due at once

When you're this exhausted from all the stuff you have to do, you do question everything. Even the meaning of life and the purpose of it.

8. When you're about to email your professor a stupid request

There's that possibility that, if you add a smiley face to an email begging for extra credit, they might say yes.

9. When you finally go outside after locking yourself inside all day to study

Or, this is how we feel when we study in the great outdoors. It's unexplainably relaxing.

10. When you receive YET ANOTHER course evaluation

Sure, they take like five minutes, but that doesn't mean they're not one of the biggest inconveniences of your life.

11. When you know you're about to crush it

You've studied for hours, days, maybe even weeks and you are ready.

12. When it doesn't go as well as you thought

Sometimes you study and it still isn't enough. Other times, you decide to wing it and that doesn't work out either. But it's fine.

13. When you contemplate dropping out

Coincidentally, if you drop out, the only job you'll be able to get is being yourself.

14. When graduating seems impossible

There are moments when the degree you're after seems completely unobtainable, especially now.

15. When you've finally made it through finals

You finally get to enjoy your summer and finals week feels like a distant relative you never see.

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