Juul Is Unapologetically Dominating The E-Cig Industry
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Juul Is Unapologetically Dominating The E-Cig Industry

Juul's success is increasing, despite efforts to stop teen addiction.

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Not too long ago, Juul discontinued selling its flavored pods, but the company is still having an overwhelming amount of success. They have plans to fund research and decrease teen nicotine addiction. Recently, the company Juul decided to launch its first-ever TV campaign. It depicts a middle-aged man giving his testimony of why he made the switch from traditional cigarettes to Juul, the e-cigarette. The commercial gives Juul a more sophisticated vibe, and they are trying to target an older audience, specifically people over the age of 35. In total, the ads are costing Juul $10 million and will debut on television after 10pm. The company Juul has witness a lot of repercussions due to the increase in teen nicotine addiction.

Juuls have been called the iPhone of cigarettes, and it's for an obvious reason. Anywhere you go in a college town (like Tallahassee) you can see people holding their flash drive shaped vape. The Juul is becoming more popularized, and even in high school, I would catch freshmen girls juuling in the bathroom. Like are you joking? Freshmen vaping? It's not cool and it's not attractive.

Juul sells pods in a pack of four, and they come in a variety of flavors. Some are milder, like mint and tobacco, while others are far fetched such as mango and fruit punch. Juul has unintentionally marketed to young adults, most of whom are under 18. Because of this new addiction with the Juul, the company has received backlash and hatred.

Earlier in 2018, Juul popularity became so high that officials asked the FDA to step in and asses and situation. They said that their product was intended for people who were trying to wean off cigarettes, not for first-time smokers. In response, Juul has discontinued selling their flavored pods such as crème and cucumber. This will discourage young people from buying them. To further these efforts, the company has dedicated $30 million over the next 3 years to fund research. They also said they will use former smokers in advertisements, rather than using models on Instagram and Twitter.

No matter what your stance is on the Juul, it is no doubt that they are dominating the industry. Personally, I am not a Juul user and don't support the use of teen tobacco use. However, I think it's important to highlight the company's efforts to prevent teen nicotine addiction.

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