I Just Watched a Lifetime Movie and Boy, Does My Head Hurt
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I Just Watched a Lifetime Movie and Boy, Does My Head Hurt

I don't understand any of this

I Just Watched a Lifetime Movie and Boy, Does My Head Hurt

I enjoy movies. While I normally stick to comedies, occasionally I like to take a stroll on the dangerous side of life by watching bad movies. I thought it might be fun to watch one and review it. I figured maybe watching a Lifetime movie would be perfect for this, so I typed "Lifetime Movie" on the Amazon Prime search bar. If you have never watched a Lifetime movie, they deal with some serious stuff. It's like every movie needs to have a rape scene or some woman foiling her ex-husband's attempts to murder her. I've seen pill addictions, miscarriages, and ladies drowning their babies (Casey Anthony). They don't miss around. Because of this, I wanted to find a title that looked wild. After scrolling for a bit, one of the titles caught my eyes. It was called "Double Mommy." Luckily for me, the dramatic events kept coming. This is Double Mommy.

So the movie starts out with this punk kid named Brent. He's stealing some of his dad's scotch and then he throws some pills in his bag. He's about to walk out of his house, but then is stopped by his dad. Naturally, the dad asks where he is going. Brent says to his friend Neil's house. Then Brent's dad asks what Neil's dad does for a living. When Brent says he drives a delivery truck, his dad gets a smirk on his face. This is when we learn that Brent's dad is a rich, arrogant man. Anyway, the movie cuts to the party an Neil's. We meet Jess and her friend. I don't think they ever said the friend's name, but IMDb calls her Sara, so we'll roll with that. Jess is sad because her boyfriend broke up with her. Sara tries to cheer her up with some liquor, but Jess is pretty adamant about not drinking that night. Then Brent shows up out of nowhere. We learn that Brent is Jess's ex-boyfriend's best friend. Jess and Brent have formed a friendship and Brent has been helping her get over the breakup. Jess describes to Sara that they've been hanging out. They don't outright say that he wants to have intercourse with her, he is pulling all of the "trying to get laid" moves. Next, surprise surprise, he tries to kiss her. She says no because she is not over her last relationship. So, Brent goes to give her a soda as a peace offering. But there is something wrong with this soda. Brent uses it to fucking roofie her. I was stunned. Brent is 17 in this movie. The roofies work, and Brent rapes her. Before he does it, he says "nobody says no to me." Classic serial rapist line.

So the next day, Jess wakes up in her bed with a headache and some unbuttoned shorts. Mass confusion sets in. She hears a knock at the door, which turns out to be her ex-boyfriend, Ryan. Ryan says he was sorry they broke up and he wants to get back together. In this scene, the movie explains why they broke up. Ryan moved out of the state for a month and figured breaking up would be best for both of them. This guy looks like a young Channing Tatum. He just wanted to get laid when he was on vacation. Jess accepts the apology and they are back together. Besides the braindead decision to spilt up because he went on a month long vacation, I liked Ryan. He was a level headed dude.

The movie cuts to Brent's house, where we see him getting yelled at by his dad for stealing his "100 year old scotch." Well, to be fair, the dad wasn't that upset about his son stealing from him. He was more angry about Brent putting water in the bottle, which watered down the scotch. As punishment, Brent's dad makes Brent drink the whole bottle. It was a lot of scotch. Brent becomes drunk and starts yelling at his mom who just wants to make sure he's okay. Brent passes out on his bed, and his mom finds the roofies. The bottle had no label, so I have no idea how she knew it was roofies, but she takes them anyway.

A couple of weeks later, Jess and Ryan are making out and then all of a sudden, Jess starts throwing up. Ryan calls a doctor. The doctor reveals that Jess is pregnant with twins. Jess and Ryan are obviously disappointed by the news. They're high schoolers. They have to deal with peers, tests, and rape. Ryan's mom (who is rude at the beginning of the movie, but becomes nice at the end) wants a paternity test to be done. Jess agrees and says it's a good idea, which makes Ryan suspicious. It turns out one of the twins is Ryan's, while the other one is Brent's, which I didn't think was possible. It is 2018 though, I should be open to scientific anomalies. This discovery makes Ryan sad. At school the next day, Jess says she's pretty sure she was raped by Brent. Ryan understandably flips out. They demand a paternity test to see if the other baby is Brent's. When the results come back positively, the cops come to see Jess to hear her story. Unfortunately for Jess, there isn't enough evidence to prove that Brent is a rapist. Because of the accusation, the cops go to Brent's house to let him know. Brent admits that they had sex (which was obvious), but it was all consensual. Maybe Jess just has short term memory loss. The cops leave and Brent's dad says "Not again." By this line, we learned that Brent has raped at least two people by age 17.

After the accusation, Jess tells everyone at school that Brent is a rapist. Because of this, the cops come and question everyone at Neil's party from the beginning of the movie. When Neil hears about this, he tells Brent that he saw him put something in Jess's drink and the morally right thing to do is tell the cops. Good on you, Neil. Brent then make his first good point in the movie by asking Neil why he didn't stop him from giving Jess the drink. He then ruins this good point by telling Neil he is just as guilty. While Neil is still guilty for not stopping this transaction, he didn't rape anyone, so yeah. Brent's dad looks Neil's families arrest record, because his friend has access to that. The next day, Brent's dad tells Neil that he knows about the DUI that Neil had (even though he is 17) and will let every college that Neil applies to know if he squeals on Brent. Neil tells the cops he didn't see anything.

Next there is a meeting between Brent's and Jess's families, with no lawyers present. Brent's dad (pictured above) offers Jess's family a check for five hundred thousand dollars to forget about this whole thing. Jess's dad is all for it, which shows how much he values his daughter's happiness. Jess's mom won't bite that easily though, and she rips the check up and they leave. Brent's dad tells Brent he is a disappointment. Before this scene, Brent brings Jess a drink with some pills that are supposed to cause a miscarriage. Why she would accept a drink from him again confused me. What also confused me was the fact that these pills are never brought up again. That scene was kind of funny, not only because Jess's dad was fine with letting his daughter's rapist go free, but also because Brent is a disappointment. Jess gets a message on her social media account (an off-brand instagram) from the first girl Brent raped. Jess drives to the college where the girls goes and Brent follows her. The college girl said they accepted the money deal so she could afford college. She then says my favorite line in movie history. "I guess I'm lucky. I got raped, but at least I didn't get pregnant." Beautiful. Brent realizes what's going on from his car and decides he has to kill the college girl. That's exactly what he does. When the college girl is driving home, he comes at her head on in his car. To avoid collision (and hella high insurance rates) the college girl swerved right into a tree. She dies.

(To avoid confusion, pictured above is Jess's friend Sara, not the dead girl). Next there's a scene where Brent accuses his mom of not caring about him or his rape trial. His mom shows that she does by washing the roofies down the drain. Great parenting. Then, Jess has a sudden realization. She remembers where Brent raped her! It was by the school's parking lot. Fortunately, the school has a camera over by the parking lot which caught the whole scenario. They got him! Brent's dad learns about this and kicks Brent out for being a bad son. Brent's feelings get hurt so he grabs a gun. He is going to kill Jess, because then all of his problems will be solved. Brent's mom calls Brent's dad who is out for a drive, and explains the situation, because she just let him walk out of the house with a gun (in her defense, Brent is a sociopath with a gun). Brent is about to shoot Jess, but his dad stops him and tells Brent he was sorry about the mean things he said. Brent goes in to give his dad a hug, but he accidentally pulls the trigger, shooting and killing his dad. The cops show up and arrest Brent.

Jess has the babies and Ryan loves her and them. Also, Jess and Ryan's moms love the kids. Everyone is a big happy family. There's a knock at the door, so naturally, Jess's mom answers. It's Brent's mom who wants to see the baby. Jess's mom says no, but then my second favorite line in movie history was delivered. "My son is spending his life in prison and my husband is dead. I should be allowed to see my grandson." Jess's mom takes pity and lets Brent's mom hold the baby. Then Brent's mom gives some creepy dialog about her family history, possibly setting up a sequel. This movie was jam packed. It seemed like every time Jess was winning in life, Brent had some scheme to bring her down. He was like Dick Dastardly, but he wasn't funny. He was scary. Anyway, this movie is a fun watch. I think wine moms would like it. It's something I would watch with my friends for a laugh because the plot doesn't make any sense. 5/10.

If you read the whole thing, thank you. I know this was a long one, but I haven't written in awhile and this movie had a whole lot going on. I hope you enjoyed it!
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