I just want some chicken strips!

Have you ever just thought to yourself "I want some chicken strips"? Well, I have. All I've been able to think about is chicken strips. Chicken strips with mac and cheese, chicken strips and ketchup, chicken strips with nacho cheese and bacon (don't knock it till you try it), and so many other possibilities. Why am I constantly thinking of chicken strips? The answer is simple.

I'm not allowed to eat them.

Since I had my weight loss surgery on Tuesday, July 26th I have been on a strict all liquid diet. I can have broths, protein shakes, jello, and water. That has been what I have been able to eat. I can not have any solid foods until November and it's killing me. All I have been wanting are some gosh darn chicken strips! I would give my left arm if that meant I could eat chicken strips until I physically couldn't. It's even worse when your family is all around you eating some of your other favorite foods. Hot dogs, sandwiches, pop-tarts, Doritos, and chocolate milk. All of the sweet and delicious foods are just sitting there, in your face, and you can't even have a nibble. Not a single solitary bite. The struggle is more real than I ever thought it would be. But, the thing I want the most is chicken strips. I'm a simple person with simple needs.

It's not just chicken strips either. Recently I had a family reunion and they were making dinner. I was sitting in the living room drinking my water and I suddenly smell one of my favorite foods being made. Spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread was being made that night. But, I sat there and just talked as they ate and felt petty good. Until the next night that is. The next night I almost had a mental break down because they were making burritos. If any of you know me, then you know that I LOVE Mexican food of any kind. Authentic or not, Mexican food is one of my go-to foods and I couldn't even eat it. The struggle that night was more real than it had ever been ever!

The next 3 months are gonna be the hardest of my life, but when I can finally eat, the first thing i'm having are some chicken strips.

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