Just Vaccinate Your Child

Stop Making Up Bullshit Excuses And Just Vaccinate Your Child

Why is choosing whether your child lives or dies optional?


It seems like nowadays vaccinating your child is like flipping a coin. Heads, they're autistic. Tails, they're dead from a disease that they could have been immune to. Even though there has never been a case of a vaccine causing autism, people still don't want to take the risk. However, not getting your child the vaccinations they need creates an even bigger risk.

Since 1979, there have been zero cases of the poliovirus in this country. After the vaccine was announced in 1953, the virus reached extinction in the United States. Other countries, however, don't have the same privilege, so polio is not extinct from the whole world. All it takes is for one person infected with the virus to come to the US and it will no longer be history. Or worse, another outbreak of this deadly virus could make its way.

Polio is just one of the many, many diseases that can easily be prevented with a shot. If vaccines can make a virus extinct, then we shouldn't hear of random outbreaks. Measles is another very preventable disease, however, there have been about 206 cases of the disease in the first two months of 2019 alone.

With that being said, I think it's safe to say that vaccinations spark a lot bigger issues than autism. The threat of deadly preventable diseases sweeping the country should scare people into getting their children protected. It should scare doctors and other authorities into requiring certain vaccines for everyone.

Issues this serious shouldn't create arguments or opinions unless one of the arguments is trying to make vaccinations a requirement for all people to get. It may be a little costly, but in the long run, it is a lot more effective than essential oils or aromatherapy.

Although the only two viruses mentioned here are measles and polio, there are hundreds more preventable diseases up for discussion. Injecting "poison" into your child's body will do less harm than good; it could save their life. And, even if there were the slightest possibility of a child contracting autism from a life-saving vaccine, that would be much better and easier to handle than wishing you could've vaccinated them while they were still alive.

I know it's old news, but if it takes beating a dead horse to get every parent to protect their child with the appropriate vaccines, then so be it.

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I'm Not 'Spoiled,' I Just Won't Apologize For Having Great Parents

Having supportive parents is one of the best things that ever happened to me.


When I tell people that I am the baby of my family, there is always a follow-up question asking if I am spoiled. As I was a child, perhaps the situation was a little different because I did not receive material things but instead got my way or rarely was punished. I was most likely spoiled rotten in that sense, especially by my grandparents. Fast forward to the age of 19 and I can say that my parents give me everything that I need, not necessarily everything that I want.

But I still don't think I'm spoiled.

I might legally be an adult, but my parents still provide for me. I may live at school during the semester, but my parents don't charge me rent or utilities when I am at home. My mom still does my laundry. They pay my phone bill monthly. When my mom goes grocery shopping, she doesn't have me chip in to help. She will make sure the bathroom is stocked with tampons or shampoo so I don't have to worry about it. The both of them make sure I have the sufficient needs to not be hungry, cold, or without shelter.

They do all of these things because they want what is best for me.

While they pay my student loans, I give them money to cover it as well as a little extra each month for different expenses. If we go out to eat, I do offer to pay but often get shut down and end up leaving the tip instead. I help around the house and sometimes make trips to the store for food or cleaning supplies, not asking for money to be paid back.

I have a job that gives me decent hours, but my parents understand that money for a college kid is tough.

I pay for my own luxuries such as makeup, cute clothes, even to get my hair cut. Spoiled is typically defined as "damaged by having been given everything they want." Do I want another dog? Yes. Do I have one? No. Do I want a swimming pool in my backyard? Yes. Do I have one? Again, no. That is because both my mother and father still believe in working for what you want and even their daughter doesn't get a free pass unless it's her birthday or Christmas. Do I still have everything I could ever need? Yes.

My parents do the exact same thing for my brother and sister who are older than I am.

I know if I have a problem, whether it be financial or crucial, I can turn to them for help. A lot of people my age don't have parents like I do and I am extremely grateful for them and everything that they do. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

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8 Reasons I, A Late 90’s Kid, Am So Thankful NOT To Be A Middle Schooler In 2019

2003 is where it’s at.


Watching middle schoolers in 2019 makes me so thankful I grew up in a time without Instagram and Tik Tok. I enjoyed my ugly, awkward, and braces filled middle school years.

1. No Instagram 

Gmail buzz was the biggest of my worries. I would come home and listen to 107.5 The River on my radio while taking selfies on photo booth (that never left my computer). I am so thankful I didn’t have to deal with posting selfies and looking up to Instagram models.

2. I was allowed to be ugly

I have not seen an ugly middle schooler in 2019. We all have our bad middle school photos full of peace signs and leggings under skirts. I’m thankful I have those photos to look back and laugh at.

3. Designer clothes weren’t a thing

Gucci belt? More like Justice monkey tee.

4. Disney Channel

I mean, what else is there to say.

5. Jeans and dresses were cool

Jeans and dresses were bomb.com. The easiest and most versatile outfit for any occasion. Paired with clips and a hair wrap.

6. Flip phones with keyboards

Verizon Envy. Pantech Impact. Razor. Chocolate. iPhones have nothing on the sound of clicking as you and your friends sit on the couch and talk about cute boys.

7. Platform flip flops instead of wedges

Juicy platform wedges with a bow. Absolutely stunning. Paired well with gauchos and a skin-tight tee. Easily the hottest outfit. Thank goodness we didn't have to break our ankles in flat form wedges.

8. After school we played outside

Coming home to play outside was literally the most fun. I’d pick a trampoline over making Tik Toks inside any day.

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