9 Reasons To Put On Your Boots And Read 'Just Jessie'

9 Reasons To Put On Your Boots And Read 'Just Jessie'

Time to read your little hearts out!


Here are some reasons you should put your cowgirl boots on and read Just Jessie out now y'all!

1. She's spills her high school secrets


All the secrets you won't know about until you read!

2. She shares about her love life before meeting Eric.


How darn sweet of her, love that she shares her love life, time to pop some champagne.

3. She shares her famous chocolate chip cookie recipe.


oh so gooey girl, you'll want to make these ASAP and do the Jessie cookie dance of course!

4. She shares her beauty hacks!


From the products she uses and how she uses them, you will def want to know! She even has her own makeup line!

5. She talks about flipping her hair to her haters.


Okay well she talks about how people at school weren't a fan of her originally, but look where she's at now?

6. Her love for her family!


You get a little insight on what her family life is like with her mom, step dad, and siblings.

7. Her wedding to Eric Decker!


You even get to read a little bit about her though process too but she for sure talks about her wedding!

8. Her relationship with her besties!


She went to a few schools and has moved several times, so she has met a lot of great friends along the way!

9. She shares her workout routine


Time to start lifting those weights girlfriend!

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