If you're reading this, it means that you have some sort of anger or unresolved feelings towards someone and I am here to tell you what to do about it. What you need to do won't be easy, but it will be worth it I promise. You need to forgive them, no matter what they did, just forgive them. I know that it seems ludicrous, but it will really help.

If you have an ex who hurt you, just forgive them so that you can move on. My ex was a serial offender when it came to both cheating and lying. He hurt me in so many different ways and it caused our relationship to fail. I cut off all ties with him, but that didn't help me. I was so hurt that it started to affect my motivation to go to classes and do my homework. I got through it eventually, but there was still a nagging thought of him in the back of my mind. Pieces of him found themselves wiggling into everyday conversations while thoughts of him flooded my dreams. He reached out recently and tried to make amends and I thought that I wasn't ready to hear it yet, but I was and I forgave him. As soon as the words left my mouth I felt a huge weight lift from my shoulders. It was like the plague that had been attacking me was gone, cured almost. I feel better having forgave him than I did having stripped him from my life.

I'm not saying that you should forgive everyone, but people do make mistakes. Forgiving them releases you from those negative feelings that you have been harboring for so long. Forgive the friend who talked about you behind your back, because chances are that you have done the same. Forgive the exes who wasted your time, because they still taught you an important lesson. Forgive the family member who you can never seem to please, because they are probably more disappointed in themselves than you. The moral of the story is: just forgive them.

Whether it is a friend, ex, family member, or so on, forgive them before it is too late. Forgive them, not for them, but for yourself. Forgive them because you don't deserve to be walking around with that negative energy inside of you. Forgive them because it the situation were reversed, you would want to be forgiven too.