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You have kids, you hit a certain age, and suddenly the "dad" stereotype starts applying to you. Everyone has their personal experience with "dad things." From jokes to socks and everything in between, dads have their own way of doing everything.

1. Dad Jokes

Dad jokes make everyone groan. No matter how much you complain about them, they never seem to stop. How can he make a terrible joke about everything you say?

2. Turning questions into a lecture on hard work and saving money

Not only does your dad teach you personal finances and how to save money, he also uses you for his personal finances. Seems like every back-breaking chore he has you do "builds character"....

3. Dad bod

4. Hats

No matter where they go, they always find the need to wear a hat. Whether it's a normal baseball cap, a hat that makes them look like they're ready for a safari, or a hat that says #1 dad, you can spot the dads in the group solely on the fact that they're wearing a hat.

5. Gifts

Dad's are impossible to buy gifts for. They don't need anything, they don't want anything, and no matter what you get them they're just going to return it. So you usually end up getting them something cheesy or goofy...usually a t-shirt...or a hat.

Taking a minute to look at it from the perspective of gifts dads give...well, let's just say you know when Mom asked Dad to pick up a birthday gift. It's usually some form of a physical dad joke (yes, those exist), or something he finds useful, such as a tool box, batteries, or extra lightbulbs. He always likes to make sure you're prepared, so if you know Dad is buying the Christmas gifts this year, don't even bother giving them a wishlist because there is no way Dad is buying you the new Urban Decay eyeshadow palette.

6. Eating anything and everything

Crazy how dad just happens to be a garbage disposal. If you go out to a restaurant and can't finish your meal, that's OK because you know dad will finish it! He's the one you count on to eat the leftovers in the fridge that you're ready to throw out because he does not want to waste anything!

7. Sons vs. Daughters

There's perks to being daddy's little girl though. Bat your eyelashes and you can talk him into giving you the $20 Mom said no to. But don't bring boyfriends around Dad because it just won't end well. However, if you're a guy, it's a completely different story. You bond with your dad over girls, cars, and sports. Dads have a very different relationship with their sons than they do with their daughters.

8. Don't hire anyone. I can do it

Dads are basically superman. There's nothing Dad can't do and absolutely no reason why you should hire someone. Dads are the masters of home improvement and there's no such thing as sitting still and relaxing because something always needs work -- gotta cut the grass, fix the shingles, and a million other things that you could just hire someone to do, but why do that when you have Dad?

9. Texting

For some reason Dads haven't quite grasped texting. Whether it's sending you the latest lingo (yes, Dad, I know what LOL means) and thinking it makes him super cool and hip or having his phone send the same message over and over, texting Dad is always a unique experience. Plus, you know he's carrying his phone on his handy dandy phone clip on his belt so he's ready to answer any text you may have, although it might take him a few minutes because his thumbs are so big, the keys are so small, and autocorrect never understands Dad-talk.

10. Dad fashion

T-shirt or Hawaiian button down, pants pulled up above the belly button and held in place with a belt, socks pulled up to their mid-calf, sneakers or sandals. Total dad fashion!

As embarrassing as they are with all their quirks, we love our dads and we would not be half the person we are today without them!

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