Julia Michaels' New EP Is Out And We've Been Waiting

Julia Michaels, or probably better known as the singer of the song "Issues," released her new EP "Inner Monologue Part 1." This EP includes six songs, one featuring Niall Horan and one featuring Selena Gomez.

The first song on the EP is called "Anxiety." It features Selena Gomez and talks about the struggle of living with anxiety and your friends not understanding how it feels. It discusses wanting to be a social person but how living with anxiety makes it difficult.

The second song is "Into You." It's about a recent breakup and how Michaels is trying to get over her ex. She even suggests moving to avoid the possibility of running into her ex. She sings about the struggles of having mutual friends between exes as well as the internal conflict of wanting to see her ex in-person again.

The next song is called "Happy." This song talks about wanting to be happy in a relationship but, once in the relationship, feeling as though she needs to destroy it. It also speaks about the pattern of being out of a relationship and wanting one just to destroy that one too.

Song four on the EP is "Deep." Michaels sings how a person is bringing back feelings from a past relationship that she thought she wouldn't feel again. She talks about the struggle to let her walls down for this person and risking getting hurt in this relationship too.

The fifth song is "Apple." This song is about actually letting walls down in a relationship. This is a very calming song that talks about how Michaels is really content with anything in this relationship. She sings how blinded they both are in the relationship and really in a "honeymoon phase."

The last song on the EP is "What a Time," featuring Niall Horan. This song is about looking back on a relationship that has ended recently. They both continue to look at the relationship and enjoy remembering it.

If you haven't listened to this EP yet, I do highly suggest it. Julia Michaels is a talented singer and is featured in many songs as well as having a few popular songs herself.

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