How To Stop Judging People

Do not get me wrong, I am guilty of judging as well. But why is it so prevalent in today's society? People can't do a single thing these days without being judged by someone. Just think; I am sure you have judged someone on what they did, what they wore, etc. We are so quick to assume that they are wrong and we are right. It happens so fast. You see someone in a weird outfit, "Oh my gosh their outfit is so ugly." BOOM. Not even 10 seconds went by, and you were already judging someone for their outfit. I know I do things like this all the time. Lately, I have been catching myself and asking, "Who am I to judge them?"

I want to try to bring some things into perspective for us. Let's say you see someone in a weird mixed-matched outfit and think to yourself how awful it looks. Well, maybe they don't have a bunch of clothes to choose from and tried so hard to find something that they felt slightly comfortable in to wear out in public.

How about you see a girl with super short hair and find yourself thinking that you have no clue why she would cut their hair that short because she would probably look so much better with it long. Who is to say she cut it? What if it is hair growing back after chemo treatment because she had been dying from cancer?

How about another one: So you see a person who in your mind is super overweight. You stop and think about how you could never let yourself get to that point. What if this person thought that once too? Then they lost their mother and their husband within two years of each other, and the best way they could cope was food.

We have no place to judge because we do not know the whole story.

I feel like social media has allowed us to judge more, judge meaner, and to do it all while hiding. We can swipe through our Instagram feed and see a picture of someone doing something or with someone that we just "can't believe." You know what we do next? We screenshot it and send it to our friends, then go on judging the person in the picture without them ever knowing. Is that not crazy? Can we not find better things to do with our lives than scroll social media looking for someone that we can judge to make ourselves feel better?

I want to live in a world that speaks life into people. No more of this negativity and putting people down. NO ONE benefits from this. NO ONE. You know what people will benefit from though? Hearing compliments, seeing courtesy, and just plain old conversations that can turn a person's day around. Let's be life givers, not takers. Let's smile at strangers who seem to be stressed out, letting them know someone notices their struggle. Let's tell that girl that walked by us that her shirt is super cute because maybe on the inside she is struggling with noticing her beauty. Let's hold the door open for a minute longer because we can spare that minute to make sure this lady with a stroller can get out of the store easier.

Let's be life changers.

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