Since reports surfaced that Anthony Davis wants a trade it can be known that I'm in my feelings. Anthony Davis has been with the Pelicans since they became the Pelicans in his second year and he has been the face of the organization. His request for a trade is understandable because he wants to win a championship. I know it would take some time for the Pels to win a championship but do you also know how hard it will be. The Western Conference is a difficult place to play let alone win.

There are the Warriors, Thunder, and Rockets who lead the way and other notable teams like the Spurs and the Raptors. So it is understandable. Sports becomes a business and when you look at some of the best to play the sport they were on different teams. I mean Chris Paul has been traded twice. KD wanted to win a championship so he went to Golden State. Moving around to a different team is common in the salary cap era and we have to respect Davis's decision. I'll miss you AD. You were great for New Orleans and I will always respect you. Now we need to move forward and look to Jrue Holiday.

I know what you're going to say. How is Jrue going to replace Davis? Well, Holiday has been in the league longer and actually starting playing for the Pels in 2013. He's been with the team for a long time, he's a great defender and he's not flashy. Anthony Davis isn't flashy so it both fits the persona for this team. Look at teams (besides Golden State and Miami) who have won the championship. They aren't filled with flashy players. Dirk isn't flashy and neither was Tim Duncan. If Jrue is going to be the face of the franchise (The Pelicans twitter already changed their header to Holiday) then it is important to continue building around him. Either bring in some established veterans who can come off the bench or draft a high caliber player in the draft.

With Holiday important today being a guard it would be smart to get someone to compliment him. Having Elfrid Payton does help but what if someone was brought in and allow Payton to come off the bench. Payton has averaged 10 points a game in wins but what if an established veteran was brought to add a spark to the team.

I might not be the most knowledgeable when it comes to basketball but if there is one thing I know it is that some players will not consider visiting a team. I know that Boogie is with Golden State now and he is a free agent after this season so could be possible that he comes back to New Orleans? In a sense, I am not sure. Boogie wants to be paid like the all-star he is so maybe it might not be as likely. If the Pels want to bring a veteran in I would not suggest breaking the bank for a player. So sorry Pels but no Klay, Kawhi or Kyrie. The first thing to do this offseason is to decide if you want to keep Julius Randle or Elfrid Payton and then find someone to compliment the player you decide to keep.

A player worth noting to approach is Terry Rosier. He can compliment Holiday in the guard role and if you keep Julius Randle this will allow three quality starters on the court. Rosier is not a heavy investment and is making less than Boogie and Kristaps this year. Rosier is a potential idea but the main idea right now is focusing on the current team and seeing what Anthony Davis will do next.

Basketball is changing every day and while it might seem hard to move on from Anthony Davis it is also worth noting that all good things must come to an end. The Pelicans have shown they can be a dominant team now it is just important to find ways to continue the dominance.