My Journey To My ResLife Job

For all of my schooling career, I was fairly involved in things like sports, clubs, and leadership. This was especially true in high school where I played two sports, was in leadership and part of my school's medical club. When I got to college, I was kind of overwhelmed with all my extra time. I found out that my hall had something called Hall Council and I decided that I was going to join.

In our first meeting, we held elections for the executive board. I ran for three or four different positions and lost each time. However, I had made a commitment to myself that I would show up at all the events and all the general board meetings anyway. I became the Historian of my Hall Council so it was my job to take pictures and document the events going on.

I loved being the Historian. I got to take and edit pictures of different events that we put on, which is a big hobby of mine. I went to every hall council meeting and almost every event we put on, showing my dedication to my craft. I got super close with the other hall council members, especially our president and one of the vice presidents. I, also, got to spend time with different RAs around my dorm and my Resident Director as well.

The more time I spent with the staff in my dorm building, the more I wanted to be part of ResLife.

In the spring quarter of my freshman year, a brand new position was made in ResLife called an ICA or Inclusion Community Assistant. The general job that an ICA has is creating events and programs surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion. My Resident Director, who was in charge of the hall, told me that she thought I would be a great fit for the position.

So, naturally, I applied. I was terrified for the interview. However about a week later I was emailed with an offer for the position. I was extremely excited but also terrified. I spent most of the summer anticipating coming back to school because I was so excited to start my new job. Our training was extremely fun, while still being intense and informative. It's been fun being able to bond with both my dorm staff and the other ICAs.

It's only a few days into the start of the school year but I know it is going to be a great year. I am ready to start programming and making a lot of changes to the dorms to make sure everyone knows that they should be respected and celebrated, no matter their race, sexuality, religion, gender or creed. I am extremely lucky to be able to learn from some people about their experiences and to teach others how to communicate their opinions while still being respectful.

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