My Journey With Odyssey

Every so often, my friends will tell me that they read my most recent article or that they enjoy reading my articles and are glad to see me doing something I enjoy. These comments are always a pleasant surprise.

I joined Odyssey in the first place because I, like many, want to get my voice and ideas out there and want people to better understand me. I greatly appreciate being listened to and heard out and this platform allows those close to and around me to gain a fuller sense of who I am.

I also saw Odyssey as an opportunity for me to build my writing skills. I’ve even gotten some messages from other platforms asking for me to write for them, which is flattering. Writing for Odyssey is a good resume booster; there’s no denying that.

The application is not complicated, for those interested. You can simply go to their website ( and submit the necessary info. In my case, the Editor in Chief called and talked to me for a bit after she received my application. I was extremely nervous until she said that the call wasn’t an interview, just a chat so she could get to know me better.

After our phone call, I officially signed on and started writing. If you’re interested I really encourage you to give it a shot. What’s the worst that can happen? You’re given virtually free reign of your content and if you find it’s not for you, you can step down.

I have to write one article a week and unfortunately, I don’t get paid but, as I’ve said, there are other benefits. Sometimes I submit late and that’s my fault. The urge to write doesn’t always strike me right then, and writer’s block is a thing. Sometimes I’m simply not in the mood to write.

It’s a given that some articles will be better written and/or more captivating than others, but it’s worth it for those articles that turn out well-written and well-voiced.

I enjoy expressing myself through writing and am satisfied with Odyssey as a platform, and I hope to build my audience. More importantly, I hope to see myself growing more as a writer in my skill and talent. Thank you for the continued support, friends. It means a lot.

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