14 Journal Layouts That Will Help Your Organization
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14 Journal Pages That Will Help You Get Organized, Or At Least Make It Look Like You Are

Helping to keep track of your beautifully messy life.

14 Journal Pages That Will Help You Get Organized, Or At Least Make It Look Like You Are

Journals can provide the perfect canvas for tracking the past, organizing the present, and planning for the future. A notebook, a pen, and a flair for the systematic creative is all you need to get started and get organized. Perfect for the person with a million little to-do lists, an interest in goal-setting and habit tracking, and love for paper and pen lists, journals provide the chance to get your life together in an artistic, therapeutic way. Here are 14 journal pages and layouts that will help you get organized, or help you to at least pretend that you are.

This page to map out your entire year


New year, new beginnings.

This vertical weekly layout



This horizontal one 

journal pages

Keep track of your events in this cute weekly spread.

Or this hourly layout


For those really really busy days.

"Books to read"


The perfect place to write out your reading list.

Also, this list to track your binge watching 

watch list

My watch list will take up at least a couple pages.

Monthly mixtape


Use a page to create a playlist for each month.

This study log


To hold you accountable.

This sleep tracker

sleep log

So I can record the shameful amount of naps I take

 This inspiration to track hydration

water tracker

Goal: Drink more water.

 This financial spread


For recording your monthly expenses.

 This birthday layout


So you never forget a birthday again.

 And finally, this page to map out your goals


So you can achieve them all.

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