From the very beginning, there was something that I felt was off about Josiah on Rachel's season of The Bachelorette. Even Rachel herself had mentioned a few times that she felt that he was being disingenuous sometimes. People have been openly complaining about his personality ever since the spelling bee competition.

But those complaints got even worse when Josiah was eliminated during Tuesday night's rose ceremony and he reacted in a less-than-classy manner. Following his supposedly unexpected departure, he was pretty salty and expressed so by proceeding to insult Rachel as well as some of the other guys.

"Nobody in this house thought I was going home. Nobody. I came in here abundantly confident. I have no words to explain, to articulate her decision making. It's just weird, dude, the people she kept in the house over me. You think you can have a better chance with Matt than me? And I love Alex, the Soviet Union KGB spy, but you really think that KGB agent has something over me? And I love Adam, but you think a guy that brings a doll that looks like Mike Myers is better than me? Woman, you have some poor judgment."

Apparently, others definitely thought that he was at least going home soon.

He jumped right to throwing a temper tantrum over getting dumped, using Rachel's "poor judgment" as an excuse rather than accepting the fact that Rachel did not find them compatible. Having this elimination speech follow his earlier praises of Rachel are reminiscent of the men that catcall/message women and then respond with obscenities when they are ignored or rejected.

The thing about Rachel is that she is straightforward, takes no bullsh*t and will immediately ask the men if she has a question or problem. So wouldn't Josiah rather have her be straightforward with him about their compatibility rather than lead him on?

Generally, if you are going to be rejected, it isn't personal. Chemistry is such a delicate thing and not everyone is going to feel it with you. You could be a wonderful person and literally have butterflies coming out of your ass, but you just aren't that wonderful person for everyone. And that's okay!

If a man is going to insult you after you reject him, then that's a sign that he never really respected you in the first place. Someone like that doesn't have the emotional capacity to love someone and you are better off without them.

If a man really respects you, the break up will be more like Rachel and Kenny's. You honor what you had and you wish each other the best in the future. That is a sign of a mature person. So if a man responds to your break up by insulting you, remember that it is a reflection on himself and his insecurities... and you probably made the right decision in breaking it off with him.