No One Should Be Cyberbullied, Including Jordyn Woods

In Lieu Of The Jordyn Woods Scandal We Should All Be Thinking About The Repercussions Of Cyberbullying

There can be real life repercussions of online commentary, especially that which is targeted and aggressive.

In wake of the Jordyn Woods-Kardashian/Jenner Feud, it's seemingly impossible to enter any social media or news site without being bombarded by all-too-many memes, updates, comments, etc… regarding the drama.
The tension is palpable—even for those continents away—as the whole world has seemingly been drawn into this Calabasas-based debacle. Not surprisingly, this has spurred a tidal wave of aggressive online comments on all forms of social media and other tabloids.

After watching Jordyn's Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett Smith I couldn't help but ponder the repercussions of those aggressive comments from strangers. Following the 30 minute video, I delved deeper into Jordyn's and Khloe's respective social media feeds to find thousands of nasty and absolutely cruel comments toward both women, most of which are from people who most likely haven't stepped within a mile radius of either celebrity.

In Jordyn's interview with Jada, viewers watched as numerous times she fought back tears, yet what struck me was her comment: "If I were a weaker person I would have hurt myself." Regardless of the reality of whether or not she truly contemplated self-harm, it brings up a crucial point of reference in today's social media dominated society:

There can be real life repercussions of online commentary, especially that which is targeted and aggressive.

As a young woman who has been the been a direct receiver of social media aggression and hate, this really struck a chord with me. It's so easy for people to hide behind their keyboards, miles, and miles away and say things via the internet they would never dream of saying to someone's face. Not to mention, social media gives some a direct line of attack without ever having to have met you face to face.

No one, no matter their level of fame, deserves to be publicly attacked and shamed.

For me personally, people I had never met were slandering me directly on my Facebook feed. These people had never met me, even seen me, yet felt inclined to comment on my character based on one individual's opinion. I lost people whom I had considered to be my friends. Listening to my little sister sob on the phone because second-handedly felt the sting of the bullying may have been one of the hardest parts. I was humiliated and the effects were devastating—for days I couldn't eat, speak, or attend class, similar to how Jordyn describes her first few days following news of the scandal.

Self-blame is all too common for victims of bullying, whether the torment is cyber or in-vivo. First hand, it took me weeks to regain the confidence I once had in myself and my character. All of this, yet my experience was microscopic in comparison to the social media backlash that Jordyn, Khloe and the rest of those involved face.

From this gossip-fueled scandal, an invaluable lesson can be learned: Your words are powerful, regardless of your detachment from them. The targeted person of your hate feels your accusations more sharply and deeply than you perhaps anticipated.

Hostile comments, no matter how targeted, leave an impact and leave you responsible for the potential harm of another person.

If you take anything from following this social media turmoil, let it be to think before you post, comment, etc… Let's allow social media to remain a place of positivity and sharing the good things in life, not a pathway for exponentially spreading hate.

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