Jordan Tariff's 'Warning Shot'

Jordan Tariff is fresh onto the music scene with his debut single "Warning Shot." The 22-year-old singer labels "Warning Shot" as a "wake-up call, it's kind of about taking responsibility, which is something I believe in firmly." There's a lot of other music on the way, his debut LP is set to come out in 2019, and Jordan describes the music on the LP as having a "linear story- a love story."

"Warning Shot" is Jordan's way of saying "as the end of the day it's important to be yourself and not to give a damn. This is the only life we get, and that's why it's so important to get the most out of yourself. Basically "Warning Shot" is about being unapologetically yourself."

When asked about collaborating with other artists, he had nothing but great things to say about producer Chase Duddy. "The great thing about Chase is that he feels like family. He's excellent at just letting an idea flourish, but he's also brutally honest which is good- I love honesty. He also did his homework on me, so he was able to give his advice with a lot of my personality in mind".

Along with collaborating with Chase, Jordan finds himself pulling from different inspirations to create his music. "It varies song by song. Sometimes I'll be in the car, and I'll think of something, so I pull up my voice memo on my phone and record a little. I can be at my friend's house or just walking around when something hits me, so it's important that I have my phone on me all the time. I write songs fast, typically it takes me anywhere between five or 30 minutes, and then I'll send them off and get feedback. I write from experience- like one day I just saw two kids together and it reminded me of young love and nostalgia, so they gave me some inspiration fro one of the upcoming songs."

If you listen to Jordan, it's clear that he draws from a variety of artists. "I grew up listening to all kinds of music but, there are some artists that I incredibly influential. For example, Coldplay is great when it comes to having substance lyrically and melodically. They're the ones who moved me and inspired me to write music." Along with Coldplay, Jordan credits The Weeknd (an artist that was introduced to Jordan in high school, and someone who he looks up to as being R&B and soulful but also merging into the pop scene), Gregory Allen Isakov, and Billie Elish as significant influences on his music. "When I heard Billie Elish's song "Bellyache" I just remember thinking it was so different and diverse, I couldn't believe that talent, especially since she was so young when that song came out."

In the next couple of months (and even weeks, hints Jordan) there is going to be a lot of new music coming out, including the debut album.

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