22 Jonas Brothers Captions For Your Next Instagram Photo

22 Jonas Brothers Captions For Your Next Instagram Post, Because You're A 'Sucker' For Their New Single

I never thought that I'd catch this Lovebug again


Well, we never saw this day coming where the Jonas Brothers would drop a new single after 6 years! Sorry dudes, you've probably seen Instagram story, after Snapchat story, after Facebook post of the Jonas Brothers new song Sucker.

Whether you are becoming obsessed, yet again, or are going through depression after watching the music video and realizing they are all taken, here are 21 captions to make your post, different from the next girls.

1. "I'm speechless, over the edge I'm just breathless I never thought that I'd catch this love bug again" - Lovebug

Just when we thought we were over them

2. "I'll pick you up at seven we can drive around and jam to Sucker" -BB Good

3. "Got the news today... THE JONAS BROTHER ARE BACK." -A Little Bit Longer

and we're fine.

4. "Got me on my toes" -Burnin' Up 

and defiantly just slipped into the lava

5. "Jonas Brothers just turned the temperature hotter"- Burnin' Up

6. "Start screaming wake the neighbors, JoBros just dropped a new single" -World War III

7. "What did you do to my heart" -What Did I Do to Your Heart

After watching the music video and realizing there is no more hope

8. "Can't have you" - Cant Have You 

Well is Frankie Jonas at least single?

9. "Oh my gosh did you hear the Jonas Brothers new single, its sooo hot" - Video Girl 

10. "Everybody live 'cause the future it now!" -Kids of the Future

11. "I just got back from the doctor, he told me that I had a problem, but I realized it just this new single"- Poison Ivy 

12. "I've been to the year 2019, not much has changed but JoBros are reunited" -Year 3000

13. "Boy bands, and another one, and another one, and another one" -Year 3000

14. "Everyone knows it's meant to be, falling in love, just you and me" -Just Friends

15. "I know I'm better off alone everybody knows it's true" -Australia 

Letting the realization sink in a little more

16. "Where would we be, if we couldn't dream"  -That's Just the Way We Roll 

New songs got me feeling like a dream

17. "You've got moves, I've got shoes, let's go dancing" -That's Just the Way We Roll 

And we've got a new song to groove to

18. "Don't give up on love, have faith, restart" -Hold On

Just when you think they're gone, they come back

19. "All your hope is gone don't forget to hold on, hold on" -Hold on

...just when we thought we would never hear them again

20.  "The night is calling and we're falling faster now" -Pushin' Me Away 

21.  "A call we never thought we'd get,  but we got it"- S.O.S. 

SOS our 5th grade heartthrob is resurrected and we can't get enough of them

22.  "I've been dancing on top of cars and stumbling out of bars" -Sucker

Everyone after hearing Sucker for the first time

So I think it's safe to say just when we thought our middle school obsessions were over, they come back and better than ever. Apologize to your boyfriends, because they're certainly not going to be the only ones on your mind during this legendary JoBro comeback.

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