The Jonas Brothers comeback

February 28, 2019, will be a day remembered in history forever as the day the Jonas Brothers officially announced they were getting back together. On this day, they tweeted about the upcoming release of their upcoming song, "Sucker," with a cover photo of them looking FINE AF. People all over Twitter quickly began fangirling and could not contain their excitement. This is the reunion that no one ever thought would happen, but that everyone needed to happen. With previous hits like "Burnin' Up," "Year 3000," "Lovebug," and "SOS," Jonas Brothers fans can't wait to hear their new song and (hopefully) be able to see them in concert in the near future!

Here are 10 tweets that highlight the Jonas Brothers' return after 10 years apart:

1. The tweet that confirmed their reunion 

The reunion we didn't know we needed, but deserve.

2. Us girls are freaking out

This was me, all day long.

3. How the tables have turned pt. 2

The JoBros recreated their "Oh how the tables have turned" video and my heart melted.

4. It's been a rough year

I feel like a #Sucker after two weeks of midterms, but it's fine. I'm fine.

5. High heels (high heels), red dress, REDDDD DRESSSSSS

Nick Jonas did not have to go that hard on this verse, but he did, and we love him for it.

6. A big mood

JoBros are back!

7. *Gasps*

Plot twist: the band never split up they just stopped making music.

8. Now majoring in "groupie"

The REAL reason I was saying that I was going to drop out of college.

9. "We got the party with us"

This crossover was my favorite of all time. Hannah Montana AND the Jonas Brothers??? Amazing.

10. Call 911

How dare they disrespect the Jonas Brothers like that?!

Go listen to the Jonas Brothers' new single, "Sucker," out now!!

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