The Jonas Brothers Are Getting Back Together

Every 15-year-old heart broke in 2013 when the heartthrob band, the Jonas Brothers, announced the ending of the band. As someone who went to the band's concert, watched its show and owned every album, I didn't think life would go on.

However, my (and many others') 15-year-old heart may soon be thriving once again. The brothers have announced the return of the beloved boyband. However, there are a few differences this time around.

The band started back in 2005. Within the eight years the band created music, it released four studio albums and had a movie based on a tour. The band was also featured in Disney's 'Camp Rock' movies.

Since the heartbreak, Nick and Kevin have gotten married and Joe is engaged. Kevin also has two children of his own. Joe and Nick have been making their own music. Joe was in a band called DNCE while Nick became a solo act.

After the big break up 6 years ago, the brothers have decided to come back with a new name to start it off. The band will go by "JONAS." Along with the new music that will "outsell Kelly Clarkson," the band is also going to create a documentary.

The talk about the reunion started when the band's Instagram page was reactivated back in January after 4 years of being deleted. Nick Jonas shut down the rumors in an interview saying that the comeback wasn't happening right now, but to "never say never."

The public is getting hopeful about this reunion as Twitter users express their emotions through their tweets. Some tweeters even mentioning how the "Jonas Brothers stans have come out of hiding."

I do not think I am the only one willing to say how excited I am for this new JONAS album to come out. Only got three albums to go before the year 3000.

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