Whether it's dealing with classes or hanging out with friends, college is a complicated and stressful time. These are different college situations as told by Jon Snow.

When you have an 8 am and it's below 20 degrees:

When someone in class says they finished the study guide already:

When you see a puppy on campus for the first time:

When you're laying in bed and realize all the things you have to do that day:

When someone in front of you orders a decaf coffee:

When your friends go to Chipotle without you:

When your professor asks you a question and you weren't listening:

When you finish the last episode of a Netflix's series:

When your professor announces your final is cumulative:

When your friend asks you how your finals went... because like Jon Snow, you knew nothing:

So, next time you have a bad test, or are braving the cold- think of Jon Snow and smile, because he doesn't do it enough.