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Why You Should Know Lo-Fi Singer Joji Exists And How He Might Change Your Taste In Everything

Ex-YouTuber FilthyFrank, ex-singer persona Pink Guy, and now Lo-Fi Singer Joji is dominating the Musician/Singer Career.

Why You Should Know Lo-Fi Singer Joji Exists And How He Might Change Your Taste In Everything

First off, everyone should know his name is George Miller who was born in Japan with a love for music since the sixth grade. Why is his past so strange? Well...

You should also know Ex-Youtuber Filthy Frank from the post-ad-pocalypse, "making money" off of obscene non-family friendly content. On FilthyFrank's About page, he describes his character as being...

"the embodiment of everything a person should not be....He behaves and reacts excessively to everything expressly to highlight the ridiculousness of racism, misogyny, legalism, injustice, ignorance and other social blights....There is no denying that the show is terribly offensive, but this terrible offensiveness is a deliberate and unapologetic parody of the whole social media machine and a reflection of the human microcosm that that social media is."

He had a supportive and strange but diverse fan-base. Personally, I remember being in High School watching the "Illegal Crawfish Racing" video of his and died laughing. If you haven't heard or watched the Filthiest of the Frank then you are too young/old or liked the mainstream.

Even if you haven't heard of or watched his content before, you have most likely seen a meme originating from him such as the "this is not the time," and "welcome to the rice fields" as well as the popular 2013 internet sensation that was the Harlem Shake.


Moving on, we have Pink Guy. Pink Guy is a persona character Miller made to make music because he needed to get his musical bone out (lol, I am sincerely sorry). Anyway, there is too much to tell with this guy because he has his own background story and origin story as well that you can read here.


But, if you're looking for obscene or borderline-offensive music, the Pink Guy Album is for you! Songs include "Meme Machine," "Ramen King" and "STFU" (but all the songs are really amazing even if he only did them to keep with his persona). But keep in mind this is NOT Joji. In an interview with Billboard Joji said "I like to let [listeners] learn to keep the two separate because I don't want a shitty Pink Guy [song] with a bad message that I made like four years ago to be like, 'Oh, that's Joji.'"

Officially, Joji, the lo-fi musician and singer "debuted" in his EP "In Tongues" which captivated listeners and separated himself from his previous career.

Joji joined 88Rising which is a record label, video production, and marketing company that signs on Asian artists in order to help Asian Singers/Rappers/Musicians living in America that is seen as the 'outcasts' since Asian-related music has not been popular until recent years. Last year, Joji released a studio debut album under 88Rising called "Ballads 1" that actually became no.1 on the Billboard R&B/Hip Hop Album Chart and 88Rising couldn't have been more like a mother hen in this tweet stating "We couldn't be more proud" because not only was it number one but he was also the first artist from Asia to top the chart.

In the past year alone he has released many songs that captivated many from Will He, Slow Dancing in the Dark, and the Collab song with Rich Brian and the Higher Brothers with Midsummer Madness. His EP "In Tongues" captivated and separated himself from his previous career.

His song Slow Dancing in the Dark is used in a TikTok challenge/meme thing called the Microwave meme.

He had a good amount of fame and popularity on YouTube so why give it up?

Simple. He was over it. He knew he had to let it go because he didn't enjoy it anymore. He did it for his music.

"I've always wanted to make normal music. I just started the YouTube channel to kind of bump my music. But then Filthy Frank and the Pink Guy stuff ended up getting way bigger than I thought so I had to kind of roll with it."
"It was a humor that I started when I was in high school, so naturally as I got older, I got tired of that humor. People's taste change. People's humor change."

He also has an undisclosed neurological disorder that causes stress-induced seizures which, with his Persona Filthy Frank having to always crank out bizarre and strange content, led him to have seizures often. He also stated in the Billboard interview that he has many neurological conditions that he didn't want to get into. This is most likely out of love for his fans who he doesn't want to worry as well as his love for his career now.

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